The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest – Stieg Larsson

October 21, 2012 in Books, crime, Fiction

The third and concluding part of the Millenium trilogy is the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. There is no doubt that the Millenium trilogy will stand as the best there is of mystery thrillers for years to come. Anyone that has read the series will surely be sad that there will never be another offering from Stieg Larsson, but this in some ways adds to the power of the story telling in this final volume, a master at work for the last time.

So in this 3rd in the series Lisbeth Salander lies under armed guard in intensive care as a result of a bullet in the head delivered by her father. Her father on the other hand is lying in the same hospital as a result of injuries given to him by Lisbeth. What is that all about? Blomkvist, still estranged from Lisbeth since the ‘Girl who played with Fire‘, communicates with her via email and continues to investigate who it is that framed Lisbeth and set her on route to a trial behind closed doors for murders she did not commit.

It is not just the Swedish secret service that is examined for its covert practices and the protection of its own, irrespective of the consequences on the individuals caught up in their conspiracies. It also an insightful look at the world of the press and of those who hold and abuse their positions of authority. The question becomes one of ‘who will triumph’, the forces that collaborate in order to destroy Lisbeth or is it Lisbeth that will finally get justice. Of course there are also the underlying questions of whether Lisbeth will make her peace with Blomkvist, accept his help or will she even get to court where she is to be represented by Blomkvist’s sister.

Of course Lisbeth will continue to frustrate the reader as she refuses help from those that are genuinely on her side. She remains the dysfunctional, damaged goods that she started out as and she trusts no one. It is easy to understand why a civilised society might reject her and believe those that are supposed to represent their civilised society, before they will take the word of a crazy women that stands alone in her fight against all those that have made her what she is. And really that is the crux of the story, it is violence against women and how they can be abused, when they are vulnerable, by the very men that should be preventing it happening.

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