A Tale of Two Tuscan Cats

February 18, 2013 in Books, Childrens Illustrated Books, Fiction, Pets and Animals

Italian Cats from TusconyThe Talking, Dancing Cats of Tuscany

Who would have thought cats could talk in one language, never mind two. But these cats don’t just speak in both English and Italian, they are also dancing cats with aspirations to be famous Italian artists, or at least Rosetta is. Julie is a little less ambitious, she is just very gratefull to have been given a home by her beloved English mama. Rosetta on the other hand was born wild, a feral kitten saved from the forest and brought into the home of the English mama and her artistic Italian husband.

Italian CatsShe is very grand, very intelligent and takes life in her stride. She also manages to get Julie into all sorts of trouble with the games she plays. Some might say they were naughty cats that get up to mischief they shouldn’t, but they are both adored by their English mama, who is constantly entertained by their antics. Especially when she discovers just how talented they really are.

If cats could be human, they would definitely be considered prime candidates with their talking, dancing and artistic ambitions. This is a delightful story, written for children yes, but with an appeal to all cat lovers, children and adults alike.

Laura Graham moved to Italy to make a new start in life after working for many years as an actress in the UK. She is an avid cat lover and has an eye for their antics and behaviours which she has captured beautifully in this first of her series of cat stories and adventures in the Italian sun.

Also available is her second books ‘Tuscan Cats get into Mischief’, which is equally as appealing and introduces a male lothorio into proceedings in the form of Spiritino. A tom cat with an eye for the ladies, especially Rosetta and Julie who he discovers when they arrive in the country for a painting holiday with their adored babbo and their English mama.

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A lovely read together book for the young and old who love cats, reading and the pleasure both bring. An ideal book for reading with pre-school children who love colourful illustrations and guessing what the mischievous cats are going to get up to next. Well done Laura, I look forward to more adventures of the Two Tuscan Cats!reference Toonmaker on amazon.co.uk

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The Author

To find out more about Laura Graham, how to follow her and a little more about her life you can visit her author page – Laura Graham Children’s Author and Expat Writer An interesting lady who has managed to change her career from that of being a successful actress to one as a successful writer.

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