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About Us

eBookIssues has been set up to help independent writers get published economically.

eBook Writing and PublishingOur business is conducted entirely over the internet to keep costs to a minimum, and the investment required to both format and provide initial promotion for your book will be detailed at the outset. And you will be surprised how modest that sum is.

We are not in the business of vanity publishing – we reserve the right to select what we publish – and we specialise in ebook production and marketing. We do have expertise to call upon, however, to help our published authors obtain printed versions of their books, at trade prices, if these are required.

Believe nobody who offers you publishing packages that suggest that the more money you throw into their pot the higher your sales will be. Successful authors cannot be manufactured and sold like washing powder. In the ebook market, get the book right, pull the right levers, and once readers like you and recommend you to others, the sales can roll in.

The founders of eBookIssues feel that all their writers should submit their manuscripts to traditional print publishers, provided the subject-matter has commercial merit. The digital rights, therefore, are retained by the author and we guide you through the publishing process so that you are the recipient of all the net royalties and retain all rights to the book.

Brian Stephens

SIRET No. 503 500 357 00010 (RCS Carcassonne)

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