A Tame Colonial Girl – An African Adventure

March 18, 2017 in Books, Travel

Afican adventure This African Adventure begins when a small girl, born in England, travels to Kenya to join her parents who had arrived there overland via the Sahara Desert circa 1947/1948.

It is essentially an intimate diary of her life living as a colonial girl amongst the natives of Kenya at a time when there was a hierarchial class system and when decent white girls were not supposed to be too associated with their black counterparts.

As she matured into adulthood her working life led her to encounter many prominent people in the Kenyan government.

She ran a business in Mombassa on the coast of Kenya and for a short time she and her partner worked for an ‘Aid Transportation Company’ in the port of Assab, Eritrea, where living in a tent proved to be better accommodation than the best local hotel.

Having given up her business on the Kenya coast, she and her partner left the beach resort to start a Safari Company. This move saw them visit nearly every point of interest on the map of Kenya. She was an English girl who had learned how to survive and live in Africa.

The author ‘Wendy Stanley’ shares her times of heartbreak and suffering, such as her parents separation after many years of fighting together as a team to survive in a new country that seemed like a million miles from where they had come from.

Life isn’t all heartbreak and suffering  however, Wendy also shares times of great joy, especially the joy that came with the birth of her two children and the way of life they had for more than sixty years in a country she came to adore…. her beloved Kenya.

A Novel Out of Africa




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