At the Robot Zoo – Harris Tobias and Billy Barden

April 10, 2012 in Books, Childrens Illustrated Books, Fiction, Pets and Animals

Children's Illustrated Book“The Little Robot is curious to see what goes on at the zoo when no one is around. He is happy to learn that the animals are just like him. Children will love the lively illustrations and humorous rhymes that make this book a delight to read.”

The illustrations in this book are lovely and typical of the illustrator. They bring through a sense of wonderment whilst they entertain and amuse at the same time. The illustrator is no stranger to comic humour, which he has demonstrated in other work he has done, he has a natural gift for drawing and artwork.

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Book Reviews

This is a most creative and pleasing book. A zoo of rhyme and interesting art work that my grandson went gaga over. – S.Hoham on Amazon

I loved reading At the Robot Zoo. I struggled a bit with the beginning, but it picked up quickly. Rhyming words described the scenes at the zoo. The colorful illustrations showed me what the robot animals do. It was a delightful story that I think you will enjoy too. – Rekaya Gibson on Amazon

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You can see the illustrator’s profile using this link Billy Barden Artist and Illustrator

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