The Reluctant Killer

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A reluctant heroes storyReluctant Heroes & HIV Stories

The reluctant killer is a story of survival, of someone battling the worst kind of personal illness and, just when he finally thinks he is getting his life back, is caught up in a horrific event, totally beyond his control. Visiting his favourite city, New York, he finds himself captured by terrorists and part of a hostage situation. Kidnapped and at the mercy of  killers with no regard for human life.

New York is no stranger to terrorism and the events of 9/11 are ingrained into the memory of not just every New Yorker, but also the world’s population who watched in horror as the events unfolded on the TV and the Internet.

Killers are at large on the streets of New York once  more. The counter-terrorism system quickly swings into action and the terrorists are backed into a corner. But they have an ace up their sleeve, hostages and plenty of them. Things may not have gone exactly to plan, but they are determined to have their comrades, held in the Bagram Detention Centre in Afghanistan, set free. No matter what the cost.

Buy The Reluctant KillerThe situation is bad enough for anyone, but for Mark Thorpe, now held against his will and  with no access to his life saving medication, he then finds himself subjected to brutal treatment that leaves him battered and, even worse, bleeding. The hostages with him have no idea that he is HIV positive and try to help him.  He cannot explain why but he has to recoil against their kindness. Even though, in this situation, he understands that the hostages should all be sticking together and helping each other out. Unfortunately not all the hostages take that view, there are those that believe only in the survival of the fittest and are even prepared to sacrifice others to look after themselves. Some of the worst traits of the human race start to emerge and not just from the terrorists.

Mark Thorpe feels a steely resolve come over him, he is not prepared to let these people kill him or any of the other innocent hostages, no matter how badly they behave. He doesn’t know what he going to do, but he knows he is not just going to roll over and let the terrorists end his life. He had battled against HIV and now he was ready to do battle with the terrorists.

He was about to become one of those reluctant heroes with a killer instinct, the sort that do what they have to do and then go back to as normal a life as possible. Unfortunately for Mark, events were going to occur that would prevent him ever doing that.

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To find out more about the author you can visit his author page via his link here Robert Durrant


Jersey’s Secret Assassin

April 19, 2013 in Action & Adventure, Books, crime, Espionage, Fiction, Military Fiction

Jersey’s Secret Assassin – an Action, Adventure & Suspense Novel by Eddie Kirkup

A story that starts in Jersey in the Channel Islands and is concluded in Cyprus, another island, but this time in the Mediterranean, a little nearer the maelstrom that is the Middle East. One connection between them is that two brothers each live on one of the islands. The story begins when Richard, living in Jersey, seems to have been the victim of a tragic domestic accident that results in his death. Frank, his brother, knows differently, not only had he been speaking to him shortly before he died but he also knew there was no way his brother would have died under the circumstances described. He may have been two thousand miles away but he knew his brother had been murdered. What he didn’t know: who was the secret assassin that killed him?

Secret Assassin

The Secret AssassinFrank does what only a brother must do, he travels to Jersey to find out for himself the truth of what has happened to his kid brother. One thing for sure is that whoever did this is going to be sorry. Richard may have been a reporter and used to getting his nose where it wasn’t wanted, but Frank was a different character entirely, he had no fear of physical conflict and was very capable of taking care of himself.  Something he was able to demonstrate very soon after his arrival in Jersey; much more effectively than the so called hard-cases of the criminal fraternity expected.

It doesn’t take long for Frank to make a few friends and a lot of enemies. He also realises that there are sinister undertones around his brother’ death and a connection with another, seemingly unrelated, death. He also discovers police corruption at the highest level, criminal activities and a secret plan to disrupt world peace. Problem is, who can he trust, who are the good guys and who are the assassins, criminals and murderers.

The Secret AssassinUnfortunately he finds out who some of the good guys are when they meet their demise trying to help him out. He manages to get out of Jersey before the same can be done to him and takes his story to Interpol. He gets short shrift from the CIA when he offers to help them find the killers. They make it clear that they place him as a rank amateur and advise him in the strongest terms that he should return to Cyprus and keep a low profile, while they and Interpol  deal with what are becoming serious criminal and political threats.

Trouble is Frank doesn’t know the meaning of ‘low profile’, especially when there are still assassins and criminals running around, one of which secretly murdered his brother.

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For further information and a book  review, you can visit Amazon where Eddie is already picking up 5 star reviews. Or you can visit Eddie’s Author Page.

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A Soldiers Story, Military Adventure and Expat Living in the Far East

August 29, 2012 in Action & Adventure, Books, Fiction, General

Cages of Smoke, A Military Adventure

Expat Living in the Far EastHarry Weston is a soldier repatriated to New Zealand following service in Malaya. He meets and falls in love with a beautiful Kiwi girl ‘Moana’, but tragically loses her when she is killed in a car crash. Filled with anguish and deeply concerned by the presence of a man that he knows nothing of, killed with her in the car, he wants some answers as to exactly what happened. Her family, always against their relationship, reject him and refuse to let him near. Distraught he turns to the bottle for relief.

Expat Living Far EastOne boozy night somewhere near the docks in Auckland he gets himself shanghaied by a couple of military looking characters that had wandered into his local drinking den and plied him with drinks. He quickly sobers up when he realises that their intentions are not as friendly as he first thought, escorted to a backstreet building he is presented to an army captain that he vaguely remembers from somewhere during his time in the Far East. After a short conversation his memory is fully restored, but this is a story he would rather not recall; drunk or sober.

The captain tries to blackmail him, citing an incident from his past in Singapore when he kept the company of a psychopathic Australian who had bragged of orchestrating the rape of a previous girlfriend. The Australian had mysteriously disappeared and Harry was reported to be the last person that had seen him alive, an event he remembers only too well.

Unwilling to co-operate, Harry has to be coerced into a mission to Hong Kong. His purpose: to neutralize Robert Tan, an American soldier once a victim of brain washing during the Korean War; and now suspected of influencing powerful people that could draw New Zealand into the escalating Vietnam War. Neither colonial officials nor Triads welcome Harry to Hong Kong, and by the time he arrives it is too late, Kiwi combat troops were already committed to Vietnam.

Harry is completely baffled as to why he was specifically chosen for this task, why he was forcibly re-enlisted back into the New Zealand army and then sent on an espionage mission that could never achieve its objective. This was never a role he had performed during his military duties. It seemed to be the story of his life, everything going wrong with no explanations and at a time when he is grieving the loss of his girlfriend.

Expat Living

Living the life of an expat on government funding seemed to suit him however; he started to make friends and met a beautiful Australian/Chinese girl who eased the pain and suffering of his previous loss. But once again the story is not straightforward and he bears witness to a sequence of events that result in more dead bodies, his new girlfriend Mei-ling is responsible for at least one of them and has to flee to Taiwan to escape the Hong Kong authorities.

Once more alone and the objective of his mission now impossible, Harry’s second life in the military comes to an end; he receives notice to leave Hong Kong and heads back to New Zealand as a civilian. Unable to settle there, he eventually finds work in New Guinea. Here he has to start again, his military adventure at an end, or so he thought. He starts works at a school teaching the local kids carpentry and lives in a community full of expats both from Europe and the Pacific regions.

The jungles of New Guinea are a dangerous place, littered with the remnants of the Pacific war, many of which are completely unstable. But they are also seen as a source of potential income for the locals and some of the kids Harry teaches go hunting for military refuse so they can report their whereabouts for a reward.

The political climate he finds himself in is also pretty unstable, New Guinea is preparing for independence and some very unsavory characters take up residence. They are out to get what they can from the country, no matter what the cost to the people that live there, especially those that try and stand in their way. These characters are the flotsam and jetsam of the war in Europe – refugees or protagonists – ex-pats from Australia and other Pacific countries; all people drawn by an isolated frontier and a country that is ripe for exploitation.

A Soldier’s Story

Harry got his fair share of military adventure as a soldier and, as an expat living in a volatile world, he saw a load more he wasn’t expecting. Growing older changes your values in life and Harry was no exception, he began to recognise the futility of war and of military intervention. When he finally meets Dawn and they settle down together, the years pass and this old soldier’s story seems set to have a happy ending, but not before he has deal with a few more nasty people and ultimately has to give up on living life as an expat.

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You can see the author’s profile using this link Markham Turner – War Romance Author

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The Carcassonne Affair – Expat Living In France With a Few Complications

July 24, 2012 in Action & Adventure, Books, Fiction

Expat LivingWriters tend to live in cocooned worlds, often distanced from the life they write about. Mark Brayfeld was no exception. And when he took the decision to leave London and move to a tranquil rural retreat in South West France it didn’t occur to him that bestselling authors are often dogged by their success in unusual ways.

Expat Living FranceWhat Mark hadn’t realised as he upped sticks, ended a relationship, and moved to warmer climes, was that his about to be published next novel was worrying the life out of an amoral London financier. Mark’s previous book had thrown light on unsavoury goings-on in the horse racing world, and Stuart Maleric realised that if Mark’s sequel spilled any more beans his reputation could be sunk in short order. Maleric vowed to do whatever was necessary to put a stop to that happening.

Expat life in France beckoned, but neither Mark or the new friends he soon made had any idea of the ruthless people who were about to land in their midst.

This is a book that gently rocks you out of slumber and bit by bit slips in the vicissitudes of life that can change your life for ever. A humdinger of a novel.

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Book Extracts

A Woman Scorned

“I was still surprised at how little this mattered to me; how unmoved, how indifferent I felt. And it wasn’t a question of being wound up, or stressed, or being in a blind fury. I just didn’t care, and could see with the utmost clarity that a change in my life was taking place as she ranted on. When I left the house that very night I would have no intention of returning for anything. Absolutely anything. I wanted out, fast . . . permanently, and she had been the one who’d prompted it. These had been her words, her ideas, but they suited my wishes to the letter.”

Murder Mysteries

“Grievance, lawyers, battles – what on earth was going on, Miriam wondered. Mark’s last book may not have sold well, but she couldn’t believe it contained ammunition for people to rail against, and certainly not for lawyers to get bothered about and pop wigs on their heads. A novel about the racing world and the folk who dreamed of beating the bookies was not material for the Old Bailey.”

Action and Adventure

“Kev left La Grenade as he’d entered it – through the window at the rear. He’d re-bolted the front doors. The more time he gave himself to clear the area the better, and open doors would only invite curiosity, he believed.
An hour later Kev abandoned O’Dowd’s car in a tree-lined street in Castelnaudary close to the railway station, a barren part of town with little to commend it, bought a ticket for the next train to Toulouse, and crossed to the solitary cafe across the road. For the first time that day he felt able to relax a little, but there were loose ends to tie up. Mobile phone in hand, he made the first call as a waiter arrived to take his order.”

You can see the author’s profile using this link Jonathan Veale – Author and see some of his other books using the links below

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The Voice of the Tiger – Forbidden Love & Animism Amongst Indigenous People

July 11, 2012 in Action & Adventure, Books, Fiction, Military Fiction, Romantic Novels

A War Romance and Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love During the Malayan EmergencyVince Tanner is young and naïve when he decides to join the New Zealand forces as a soldier serving in Malaya around the end of the Malayan Emergency. He enlisted for adventure and a bit of romance, but then he finds a woman that he falls deeply in love with, the relationship is forbidden by the class rules of the military so his forbidden love must be kept a secret while they plan how they can be together in a new life outside of the constraints of military rules.

war romanceEvents overtake the couple and Vince, who is convinced he has lost his true love, falls into a state of despair, drunkenness and lechery. During his duties in the rainforests of Malaya he is separated from his patrol, but in so doing he discovers the loneliness of the jungle, its vast grandeur, the charm of its amazing creatures and the charm of the Orang Asli, the indigenous aboriginal people of the rainforest.

Haunted by strange dreams, Vince finds solace with two completely different women; Amang, who is one of the Orang Asli and Wilhelmina, a plantation owner. It is in the arms of these women that he finally comes to terms with the depth of his love for Audrey, the woman he thinks he has lost for ever.

A War Romance During the Malayan Emergency

The Malayan Emergency although never truly recognised as a war, despite it being exactly that, was where many young men from all over the world found themselves embroiled in a conflict far away from their native homeland. Circumstances where young men seek comfort wherever they can find it. The company of a woman, is one way to find the distraction they need to help them cope with the situations they find themselves in and many a war romance was founded on that basis.

The Voice of the Tiger is an account of one man’s encounter with a very beautiful woman in Malaya during the conflict, but with the difference that his war romance , as he quickly realised, was a meeting of true soul mates, a story of love at first sight and a forbidden love which was blemished by dreadful events that threatened to keep the lovers apart forever.

Watch the review on YouTube to discover how Animism & The Indigenous Peoples of Malaysia, may just be able to help Vince save Audrey. Don’t forget to give the video the thumbs up and share it with your friends.

Animism & Indigenous People

Vince found the indigenous peoples of the Malayan peninsula, entered into their world of animism and ultimately found an aboriginal man ‘Abu’ who was prepared to risk his very soul to help him regain his lost love.

With direction from a man’s spirit in a tiger’s form and using the strength of animism will Vince find redemption? Can he save the woman he loves from the gates of hades itself?

Aboriginal stories are not often told with such understanding and clarity, the genre for this book may be fiction, but the story sticks as closely as possible to the reality of the times. This is as close a reference as it can be to the indigenous peoples of Malaya, their aboriginal origins and the culture of the race as they lived their lives in Malaya at the end of the Malayan Emergency.

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Extracts from the Book

“Five platoon returned. Their basha filled with uproar, odours of sweat, gun oil and soiled gear. The thatch thrummed to laughter and ribaldry as they sorted equipment, returned ammunition to the armoury, cleaned and returned weapons to the arms-cote and generally disrupted the peace. Everyone was friendly enough; some like Barry were clearly delighted to see him. Yet he felt isolated. Time and events since he had last seen them had made them almost strangers.”

“Gingerly, wary of snakes and scorpions and with minimal use of his torch, he filled the water bag and boiled water for tea. Cold rations would do, but he needed the comfort of hot sweet tea. A yellow crescent hung above the treetops. Guided by its feeble light, he circled his camp to see if any light from the little stove, showed between the rocks. None: he blessed his good fortune in finding such a campsite before full darkness descended.
After a meal of cold corned beef and biscuit he took his mug of tea and felt his way to sit, rifle across his knees, and stare at the reflections. The stream whispered and chuckled its way across its stony bed and around the standing stones. Guiltily, he clasped the tea mug and wondered at the enormity of what he had done. He had gone wilfully missing: he was a deserter.”

You can see the author’s profile using this link Markham Turner – War Romance Author

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The Voice of the Tiger, A War Romance During the Malayan EmergencyThe Voice of the Tiger, A War Romance During the Malayan Emergency by Markham Turner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fascinating look at the indigenous peoples of Malaya and animism through the medium of fiction.

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