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February 7, 2013 in Action & Adventure, Articles, Best Spy Novels, Book promotions, Pets and Animals

Jersey’s Secret Assassin – Suspense Thriller

The Secret AssassinFirst up is the very tense secret assassin story by Eddie Kirkup, Jersey’s Secret Assassin. You can find the full details for the book via the link provided above.

In summary it is a story, set initially on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, where some political assassins have set a base from which they can attack targeted political leaders in an attempt to spark off World War 3, ideally with a nuclear attack. The story moves from Jersey to Cyprus as the plot to kill some important politicians gathers momentum. Throw in some police corruption and the murder of some innocents that got in the way and you will find a fast moving, exciting story that it is hard to break off from.

This is definitely not your standard spy and espionage story, set in what many people would consider an unlikely venue for assassins, picturesque Jersey. But the reasons why are all explained as the story unfolds as is the subsequent  move to Cyprus and its proximity to the maelstrom that is the Middle East.

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Mad Bad Spinning Top – Spy & Espionage Novels

March 21, 2012 in Action & Adventure, Best Spy Novels, Books, Espionage, Fiction

Action Thriller and Espionage BookIn this remarkable debut comic thriller, Richard Cheesmar introduces a scenario of rampant terrorism, spy-masters out of control and a plot that takes you right into the world of terrorism, espionage, computer hacking and nefarious dealings. From London to Istanbul, Ankara, the Black Sea and a surprising final destination, it’s a classic page turner.

Espionage ThrillerEver felt like life just isn’t playing ball? Ever been in a situation where things go from bad to worse overnight? Well you’re in good company with Chez, the star of this classic fictional comedy adventure, who finds himself embroiled in a quagmire of dire circumstances. Fanatical Turkish ultra-nationalists claiming to be the remaining descendants of the Amazon Women Warriors, corrupt Russian scientists, Turkish Military Intelligence, the beautiful daughter of a Turkish General, and a crazy gung-ho CIA agent, set the scene that pulls Chez deep into a chain of events resembling one of his fictional hero’s (Danny Rome) mad-cap adventures. As Chez has the Turks all in a spin, the Turks are about to send Europe a message. It’s one big crazy ride on the Mad Bad Spinning Top.

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