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January 21, 2013 in Books, Internet and computers, Non Fiction

Web Marketing GuideSEO for Content Writers

Content writers refers to anyone that has to produce and publish information on the Internet, primarily in the form of static website pages, as blog posts or as articles. On page optimization is a technique all content writers should consider, as it is critical to ensure publications are found, indexed and returned in search results by search engines.

What is organic search engine optimization?

This web marketing guide introduces the reader to the best SEO strategy for populating a web page or post in terms of the biggest bang for their buck. Where keywords should be located, why each web page on a website needs to be different to the others and unique in it’s own right (unless of course duplicated content is openly declared) and what information should be included in the <head> section of a website so that search engines can quickly and easily determine the subject matter of a website and match that page to enquiries that are being made in search engines.

What is Organic Search Engine Optimisation?

Organic search optimisation differs SEO utilising free natural traffic methods from paid advertising SEO. Organic equals natural and, when it encompasses the process of link building or social signals, is the preferred option of major search engines such as Google, not forgetting of course that they would ultimately prefer you to use a paid advertising campaign utilising their ‘Adwords‘ facility so that they can earn money from your efforts.

This guide walks you through the search engine optimization secrets for producing website copy that will bring traffic to a webpage using on-page optimisation techniques and introduces you to the best methods for off-page optimisation, including Google’s own recommendations for building links to a website page. The primary objective of course being to secure a place on the first page of the search engine results for keyword terms that are actually searched for.

Optimising a Website

The optimisation of a website relies heavily on identifying the correct keywords that are used by people searching for the information, products or services which relate to a specific website page, blog post or article. Included in the guide is a basic free method for identifying keywords that can be used to help in the selection of keywords for your specific niche.  Even a basic analysis is far better than just guessing or no analysis at all.

Once the correct keywords have been identified, using them in the right way for your content and link building activities becomes the priority and the methods for doing this are clearly explained, along with a few methods that should be avoided so that you do not incur the wrath of the big search engines for utilising bad practices or black hat techniques.

It goes without saying that website SEO optimisation is a bit of a moving target but if you are aware of the basic techniques that have stood the test of time and are the core principles of SEO practices then you can be confident that your efforts will not be in vain. That is why this web marketing guide will prove to be a valuable reference for years to come.

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Book Extracts

Below are a few short paragraphs from various chapters of the book:

Keyword Optimisation

So first let’s dispel a little myth, “keyword density is important”. Actually no, it’s not, and the reason why is the law of diminishing returns. You select your primary keyword or keyword phrase and you mention it once, that’s good. Then you mention it again, that’s still good. Now you go mad and stick it in every other sentence, but frankly you are wasting your time and what you are also doing is potentially alienating your human audience, because the content starts to suffer in terms of readability.

Page Rank Sculpting

First of all an explanation of what page rank sculpting is. Essentially it is about how links are used to pass page rank to another page. So, for example, if your home page is say a PR4 and you link from there to eight other pages, those eight pages will get a little share of the authority coming from the PR4 page.

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Jewels of French History Books – The Lauragais Story

May 7, 2012 in Books, French History, History, Military History, Non Fiction

French History BooksThis new History of the strategically and commercially important ‘Land of Cockaigne’, south east of Toulouse, is aimed largely at expats and tourists who have been taught little about French history. Conspiracies, cock-ups and catastrophes mark the 5000 year history of the Lauragais. It was the heartland of Catharism, and the home of Peter Paul Riquet, the pioneering genius behind its ‘Canal du Midi’, an icon of European industrialisation. The area suffered from the attention of the Vandals, the Inquisition and the Gestapo, and has lived it up on the proceeds of wheat, woad and airbuses, to the music of its troubadours.

History of FranceAnimals also make a contribution to proceedings, there is a canine commuter from Montauriol and a hard working donkey from Plaigne. Mischievous imps disturb the antics of their rivals, disrupt wartime supplies of bread and uncouple carriages from their engines. These lighter moments may help readers over the horrors of the thirteenth century anarchy, the truly grizzly putting down of the Cathars during the Albigensian Crusade and the Black Prince’s merciless terrorist raid. Master-Spy William of Nogaret dishonestly removes Popes and tortures Templars. Enjoy and learn from a book where Wilfrid the Hairy meets Cicero and everyone eats Cassoulet.

The Lauragais’ has been at the centre of the action in the South of France from Roman times until present day. This most superb contribution to ‘French History Books’ is meticulously detailed and highly researched, and throws much needed light on the history of the region and France in general. A book to make you cry and laugh out loud in turns.

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You can see the author’s profile using this link Hugh Nicklin – Author

Book Extracts

Below are a few short paragraphs from various chapters of the book:

“The Bosnian weaver was indeed odd: he was a pacifist in an age of violence, and his long term objective was suicide. He was a vegetarian, but ate fish in the confident belief that fish do not have sex; he was celibate in an age of love shortly to be celebrated by Troubadours; and in a world where everyone since Roman times had believed in a maximum of one God, he believed in two. This celibate, suicidal, pacifist, fish-eating, vegetarian, ‘dualist’, Bosnian weaver was, according to his enemies, addicted to secret ceremonies in which he kissed cats’ bottoms; for this reason he was called in German a ‘Kattare’ and in the Lauragais a ‘Cathar’.”

“De Montfort’s victories had serious consequences for the Lauragais: towns had been taken, commerce ruined and noble dynasties destroyed or exiled. Hundreds of dispossessed lords were wandering the roads with their families and servants. The conquerors imposed their language and their customs, installing northern Frenchmen in the Lauragais to oversee the vanquished.”

“In November 1942 the Germans occupied the Zone Nono. The young seminarists, still at Carcassonne, watched the German armoured vehicles driving in. The occupation brought oppression, exactions, and executions of hostages – and the anti-Semitic policies approved by the Vichy regime, such as the compulsory wearing of the yellow star by Jews in 1942. ”

Find out more about the Jewels of French History Books on Squidoo using the link provided.


The Full English by Mike Carden

March 12, 2012 in Books, Non Fiction, Travel

Travel Adventure - Cycling in the UKPedalling through England whilst trying to deal with a mid-life crisis and man-flu all at the same time – you just know this is the basis for a very funny and witty dialogue.
George East, the best-selling author of The Mill of the Flea series, says of the book:
… engaging, informative, entertaining and witty. This bloke makes good writing look as easy as riding a bike. I wish it was…

Funnily enough he even gives his bike a name, ‘Scott’ and an attitude, a bad one. On route from the Dorset coast to Northumbria the author indulges his passion for the history of England and engages with the locals,  meeting more than his fair share of eccentric, funny and friendly characters on the way. You will be able to see if your local landmark is included in the tally of castles and abbeys he visits as he passes through the ancient towns of England.

A Travel Adventure in the UK

Of the kind many aspire to, warm, well-observed, unpretentious, very funny… the kind of cycle tour we can all imagine ourselves taking,  at least when you are not suffering with the man-flu.

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In the ‘The Full English’, Carden (and his bike Scott) take the reader on a funny and fascinating journey from one end of England to the other. Never too weighty, but always interesting, Carden’s historical knowledge blends perfectly with his warmth and humour to provide a wonderfully human and informative read, which always hits the right note. I’m very much looking forward to his next adventure. Written by Megan Taylor on Amazon, a well known author in her own right.

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Diver – Tony Groom

March 9, 2012 in Books, Memoirs, Military History, Non Fiction

Diver by Tony GroomThis is more than a book about the Falklands War. It tells the story of some of the bravest and most professional men in the Royal Navy. The Royal Navy Clearance Divers, not the SAS, were the British mystery unit of the Falklands War of 1982. But this is more than a book about the Falklands War. The gripping accounts are spiced with `black’ humour of the sort that only men engaged in a dangerous profession can really appreciate. Read this book and you will learn why. You will want to turn every page, especially as 2012 is the 30th anniversary of the conflict.

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Available now in printed format from Amazon, you can purchase the book and be reading it in a matter of days. Use the links below:

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“DIVER is an absolutely fascinating insight into a little known elite group of men within the Royal Navy. A boys will be boys account of a most rewarding career. Both sad and hilarious, Tony tells of his role as a specialist and the never to be broken bonds of friendship that came as a result.
This story will surely stand with the best of Military history literature past and future, once you start reading this book, I challenge you to put it down..”  
Michael W. O’leary “Watchman” on Amazon

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Growing and Caring for Tomatoes, An Essential Tomato Growing Book

February 14, 2012 in Books, Gardening, Non Fiction

Tomato Growing BookThis new concise guide to growing tomatoes provides all the essential information you need to get you started growing your own tomatoes. It has information on the different types of tomatoes, how to start them from seed, care for them throughout the growing season and produce lots of lovely fresh ripe tomatoes.

The information and tips have been passed down from one generation to another. And the techniques described originate from a time when organic gardening was not a growing trend but a way of life. Putting your own produce on the plate was at one time an absolute necessity and much more than an interesting hobby. For many people that is becoming the reality once more, and growing your own food is a way to ease the burden on the increasing costs of living.

In addition to the essential information on growing tomatoes, you will also find many points of interest describing the origins, history and benefits of tomatoes. A lovely little guide to tomatoes that you will find yourself referring to time and time again.

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Growing and Caring for Tomatoes is also available on Smashwords in multiple formats or if you have a Nook and prefer to purchase from Barnes and Noble then you can purchase and download it using this link: Caring for Tomatoes

Book Extracts

Below are a few short paragraphs from various chapters of the book:

“Vine or cordon tomatoes grow to an indeterminate size, that can be controlled by pruning, and develop trusses as they grow from the bottom to the top of the plant. A truss is an individual cluster of blossom with its own stalk.”

“In its native habitat, the tomato plant was a perennial: one that lasted from one year to the next, and fruited regularly. But this habitat needed to be tropical not temperate. Nowadays the tomato is routinely treated and cultivated as an annual – because most of the world’s population live in non-tropical climes.”

Book Reviews

“This is such a helpful guide to growing tomatoes. As a new gardener I can now see what simple steps I missed last season. I can’t wait to put into practice this year all the tips in this book. And I loved the background information. Great for quiz nights”. Written by Waldo on Amazon

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You can see the author’s profile using this link Brian Stephens – Author

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