Venice – An Artist’s Delight

April 28, 2017 in Art, Books, Non Fiction, Travel

A sketchers guide to sketchingAmazon buy buttonA treat for the eyes. Venice – A Sketcher’s Guide, by professional contemporary artist, Allan Kirk, is a beautifully illustrated book that captures the essence of this Italian city. It’s Allan’s view that there is no ‘right’ way to sketch and paint but, in his wise commentary that accompanies the numerous colour illustrations, there are hints and tips galore that many will find invaluable.

Coffee tables often groan under the weight of glossy books that seldom get read. This gem is not in that category. It is a work that delights with its fresh approach to artistic endeavour, and that most beautiful of destinations – Venice. Unputdownable. For Venice lovers, and for those planning to make their first visit, this will make a superb companion.

Allan Kirk is a teacher of art who is currently based in the South of France where he offers painting courses to students of all ages.

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