The Carcassonne Affair – Expat Living In France With a Few Complications

July 24, 2012 in Action & Adventure, Books, Fiction

Expat LivingWriters tend to live in cocooned worlds, often distanced from the life they write about. Mark Brayfeld was no exception. And when he took the decision to leave London and move to a tranquil rural retreat in South West France it didn’t occur to him that bestselling authors are often dogged by their success in unusual ways.

Expat Living FranceWhat Mark hadn’t realised as he upped sticks, ended a relationship, and moved to warmer climes, was that his about to be published next novel was worrying the life out of an amoral London financier. Mark’s previous book had thrown light on unsavoury goings-on in the horse racing world, and Stuart Maleric realised that if Mark’s sequel spilled any more beans his reputation could be sunk in short order. Maleric vowed to do whatever was necessary to put a stop to that happening.

Expat life in France beckoned, but neither Mark or the new friends he soon made had any idea of the ruthless people who were about to land in their midst.

This is a book that gently rocks you out of slumber and bit by bit slips in the vicissitudes of life that can change your life for ever. A humdinger of a novel.

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Book Extracts

A Woman Scorned

“I was still surprised at how little this mattered to me; how unmoved, how indifferent I felt. And it wasn’t a question of being wound up, or stressed, or being in a blind fury. I just didn’t care, and could see with the utmost clarity that a change in my life was taking place as she ranted on. When I left the house that very night I would have no intention of returning for anything. Absolutely anything. I wanted out, fast . . . permanently, and she had been the one who’d prompted it. These had been her words, her ideas, but they suited my wishes to the letter.”

Murder Mysteries

“Grievance, lawyers, battles – what on earth was going on, Miriam wondered. Mark’s last book may not have sold well, but she couldn’t believe it contained ammunition for people to rail against, and certainly not for lawyers to get bothered about and pop wigs on their heads. A novel about the racing world and the folk who dreamed of beating the bookies was not material for the Old Bailey.”

Action and Adventure

“Kev left La Grenade as he’d entered it – through the window at the rear. He’d re-bolted the front doors. The more time he gave himself to clear the area the better, and open doors would only invite curiosity, he believed.
An hour later Kev abandoned O’Dowd’s car in a tree-lined street in Castelnaudary close to the railway station, a barren part of town with little to commend it, bought a ticket for the next train to Toulouse, and crossed to the solitary cafe across the road. For the first time that day he felt able to relax a little, but there were loose ends to tie up. Mobile phone in hand, he made the first call as a waiter arrived to take his order.”

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