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February 7, 2013 in Action & Adventure, Articles, Best Spy Novels, Book promotions, Pets and Animals

Jersey’s Secret Assassin – Suspense Thriller

The Secret AssassinFirst up is the very tense secret assassin story by Eddie Kirkup, Jersey’s Secret Assassin. You can find the full details for the book via the link provided above.

In summary it is a story, set initially on the island of Jersey in the Channel Islands, where some political assassins have set a base from which they can attack targeted political leaders in an attempt to spark off World War 3, ideally with a nuclear attack. The story moves from Jersey to Cyprus as the plot to kill some important politicians gathers momentum. Throw in some police corruption and the murder of some innocents that got in the way and you will find a fast moving, exciting story that it is hard to break off from.

This is definitely not your standard spy and espionage story, set in what many people would consider an unlikely venue for assassins, picturesque Jersey. But the reasons why are all explained as the story unfolds as is the subsequent  move to Cyprus and its proximity to the maelstrom that is the Middle East.

Jersey’s Secret Assassin is now available at a much reduced price. Below are links to the book on and but it is available worldwide so if you use one of Amazon’s other sites just change the address extension accordingly.

Puppy and Dog CarePuppy and Dog Care Guide

Second up of the promotions is the puppy and dog care guide from professional canine behavioural consultant Alexandra Santos. Available on loan free for Amazon Prime subscribers.

Alexandra trains puppies and dogs for a living as well as dealing with behavioural problems that owners are unable to cope with. She is a highly qualified dog trainer having trained in both Canada and the UK to gain an honours qualification in her specialist animal science courses and uses a ‘no physical punishment’ approach to dog training.

Working with dogs everyday is her true vocation and the desire to do so was born out of her love of dogs, mans favourite four legged friend. It is her day to day experiences of working with dogs and correcting their behavioural problems that has inspired her to share her knowledge through the media of writing.

The books are available through Amazon in the USA, UK and various other locations around the world. These are the links to the USA and UK books.

A Big Favour

Please remember that reviews are the life blood of the publishing world, so if you got a free download of the book during the free promotion, please take the time to go back and give the book an honest review. Authors always need a reward for all their hard work and telling other people about their books and what you enjoyed will go a long way to ensuring that they are successful and are perhaps inspired to write another one. Who knows the next one might be even better.

Don’t forget you can also like the book near the top of it’s Amazon page, this also gets the book a little more publicity and is very easy to do :-)

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