A Science Fiction Story of Alien Abduction

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Extraterrestial Life

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The Mobius Twist is a science fiction story about extraterrestrial life forms with a superior intellectual capacity. They are the relics of a galactic race following an ethical imperative to advance intelligence wherever it can be found.

A group of young people taking a kayaking holiday in New Zealand get caught up in a tsunami caused by a massive earthquake and, desperate to escape the threat of the tidal wave, they discover an entrance to underground tunnels.

Abduction by aliensUnaware that the tunnels have been created and are controlled by alien life forms, they enter and fearing the worst from the tidal wave go deep into the tunnels looking for safety. Realising that they have become trapped they need to find a way out, but as they explore they discover highly sophisticated technology that is way beyond the capability of current human scientific knowledge and they get an unnerving feeling that they are not alone.

Alien Abduction

The aliens observe and orchestrate their progress and, without realising it, the group are led to an interplanetary travel system where, on boarding, they are transported to the interior of the moon. The only indication that they had been involved in a sophisticated form of space travel was the sudden realisation that they were no longer under the influence of earth’s gravitational pull.

They had been abducted by aliens, removed from planet earth and were soon to discover that they were now a part of an experiment that ultimately would decide if the human race deserved its place in the universe. Having already demonstrated some aspects of human behaviour that would have probably been best kept secret, including erotic behaviour in the form of an orgy of group sex, they were then faced with the realisation that they, and only they, represented the human race and would need to justify to the alien abductors why mankind should survive.

They were very aware that their behaviour could only be described as bizarre, but in their minds they justified it by the notion that they needed to unite and bond within a family marriage in order to provide the strength they needed to deal with the weird situation they found themselves in. Some of their party had experienced less than savoury pasts and had been seriously abused by evil sexual predators, members of the same human race they now had to defend. The young people began to feel the weight of the world on their shoulders – were they strong enough and stable enough to deal with the challenge they had been set, or would they just crumple and consequently bring to an end the existence of the human race?

Space Travel

The ancient galactic race that had set out to travel through space and advance intelligent life forms wherever they found them had become a menacing threat with the potential to destroy the whole of the human race on a whim.

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Alien Abduction – The Video Review

Extracts from the Book

“He thought of the pitiful Lords of the Outer Galaxy the strange beings who had initiated that change, wincing at such a grandiose title for such ancient, dependent beings. He smiled down at Hazel. His partner and mother of his child-to-be, who had turned out to be the best space-ship pilot of them all. Rima looked towards the Zerkzes’ immobile and enigmatic as ever in the seats ahead. Were those rocks, stowed in the sack beside them really precious stones; and that wonderful machine; would it actually run on seawater?”

“The men gawked. The young women looked so charmingly cheerful, laughing like children play-acting at being adults. But, attired only in their saucy red caps, they were very clearly anything but. There was a concerted gasp from male chests. Rima’s throat constricted, the cabin became uncomfortably hot, and he felt light-headed.”

“They exchanged assurances of continued commitment, and then remained silent for a while. Hazel broke the quiet, with a question. ‘Rima, Lee thinks this thing is taking us to the moon, d’you think that’s possible, we’re underground: how can we cross space?’”

You can see the author’s profile using this link Markham Turner – War Romance Author

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The Mobius Twist, Alien Abduction and Judgement of the Human RaceThe Mobius Twist, Alien Abduction and Judgement of the Human Race by Markham Turner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A very quirky look at science fiction. It was a bit weird in a good way, I found myself wanting to know what happened next; which is always a sign of a good read. Not too sure about the orgy or whether it was necessary to include it, but I guess that if you are looking for bad behaviour in humans then that does get near the top of the list. I really enjoyed it overall and would recommend it both for a few hours entertainment and for provoking a few thoughts about human behaviour.

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