Ebooks – The New Opportunity for Aspiring Authors

March 20, 2012 in Articles

Publishers worldwide are reeling from the impact ebooks are making on their ‘profession’. No longer can they ignore the fact that Amazon sales of ebooks through their online Kindle stores exceed those of their printed cousins. The ebook is here to stay, and readers and writers alike can savour a refreshed marketplace no longer dominated by outdated procedures and overly expensive distribution channels.

My personal view is that the total reading market will benefit from the ereader and ebook explosion. And printed versions of books will also prosper because, quite frankly, the tactile pleasure of holding a book is one a machine will never replicate. There will always be a place for both formats.

For new writers, ebooks represent a wonderful way of getting published. The process of formatting a draft and submitting the ebook for sale worldwide is relatively straightforward, and Amazon even offer to do it for free! But as with all no doubt well-meaning advice from such able computer technicians, when a layperson attempts to follow the ‘guidelines’ hair starts to fall out and tempers deteriorate. The amount of expert help required needn’t consume too many hours, however, and a professional product listed to maximise appeal should be possible for a fraction of the cost of a printed version. I have no hesitation in saying that writers can now call the shots with their offerings. And not before time.