The Kindle Fire Comes to the UK

December 17, 2012 in Articles, Kindle Devices

There are now two versions of Kindle Fire available from and a new Kindle e-reader:

  • Kindle Fire HD, an advanced tablet with a customised HD display, very fast Wi-Fi connection and an exclusive Dolby audio. It has 11 hours of battery life and up to 16GB of storage space. Not too shabby and long awaited in the UK.
  • Kindle Fire, this device has been the number 1 best selling product on for the last year and has been introduced to the UK with a faster processor, double the memory and a longer battery life. This and the HD version can be used for movies and TV show accessible through or an Amazon company serving the UK
  • The new Kindle e-Reader is small, lightweight and you can now turn pages even faster than before, but the main advantage is that is now on sale for only £69 pounds

That is the good news for anyone that likes the Kindle format for their eBooks, now you can upgrade and get the latest technology or perhaps get the latest Kindle devices as a present for Christmas.

eBook Author News

There is also some good news for writers and authors of eBooks, there is a new feature on the Kindle Touch and Kindle Fire called ‘About the Author’. This means that anyone that has bought your book will be able to click on your biography and see a complete list of your books.

This is a very big incentive to go to ‘Author Central’ and make sure you have an up to date profile and, even more importantly, an up to date list of all the books you have published. Also if you publish any new books and claim them through author central, the ‘About the Author’ will be updated on all the Kindles that have your books downloaded. So your fans will know directly through their Kindles that you have published a new book and can purchase it immediately if they so desire.

Amazon’s marketing Tidbit of the Month, as stated in their KDP newsletter, is that authors should also have their very own website. This is so that as an author you can maximise exposure and build your credibility as an author. Another benefit is that your own personal website gives you the opportunity to direct search engines such as Google, Bing etc. to the information they need to help your name come up when people are searching either for you or for the subject of your book. Your own website also gives you the opportunity to link to your books and profile wherever you have them, another benefit highlighted by Amazon. I quote:

“Also, be sure to include links to and from your Amazon Author Central page, your personal website and your book’s detail page, all of these links tell search engines that your book is relevant to people searching either for you or the content of your book.”

Of course another way to do this is to use the facilities on a site like this one, where authors get their own author and book pages or posts. Nice to know we are doing exactly what Amazon recommends :-)

eBook Publishing

March 20, 2012 in

Are you considering writing or publishing an ebook? If so, we can guide you through all the stages.

We assist book writers to publish and sell ebooks online. And Amazon’s Kindle Store should be your priority.

If you have already published a book and would like an ebook version listed and selling on Amazon, in days, again we can help.

Your new ebook will be accurately described and displayed on the Amazon Kindle store, with a special cover photo, a description, and your name, as author, shown. Sales worldwide are possible the moment Amazon accept your files and publish the ebook on the Kindle Store. See the Writers Wanted page for further details about these services.

There is another way to approach ebook publishing however: handle everything yourself – self-publish (we list the things you must do below) and it will only cost you the time involved. Take a look and see if you think that is the approach you would prefer to take. There is little doubt the DIY route will save you money in the short term, but what you need to consider carefully is whether it will cost you money in the months that follow.

To get Amazon to accept a Kindle book for sale you need to:

1. register an account with Amazon on KDP, in your name, so that they pay you directly. You will then become the commercial publisher
2. prepare and send Amazon a computer file for the content (Amazon accept several different file formats), and a graphic image file for the ‘cover’. Amazon will attempt to convert the ebook files you send them to put them in their Kindle Store
3. write a description of the book (the selling copy). This needs to be punchy and literate to work. You enter this on the listing form.
4. choose two appropriate categories for listing on Amazon. This will guide buyers to your ebook’s page
5. set a price for your book that buyers will find competitive
6. choose seven keyword phrases. These should be ones that internet searchers frequently use to find books similar to yours
7. provide a profile about yourself, as the author, and add it to ‘Amazon Author Central’. This will interest potential buyers and is an additional means of promoting yourself and your book(s).
*8. create website pages dedicated to your book where you can, a), describe the book and its history and contents in greater detail, b), link directly to your Amazon listing to increase your chances of boosting sales and c), add further commentary about the book as reviews come in.
*9. prepare a PDF version of your book. This you can then email to interested journalists, friends and colleagues to gain publicity and sales. Use this to boost good reviews on Amazon’s Kindle store
*Items, 8 & 9. Website pages tailor-made for your book, and a PDF for emailing to journalists are essential marketing requirements
Amazon offers general advice on all of the above aspects, except items 8 & 9. Amazon do not charge for their advice so if you are computer-literate and have the time to read their documentation thoroughly you should, in time, be able to convert your existing files and then list your book, at minimum expense. We recommend you visit their website (click on the following link) and learn all about the things you will need to do, and not do. Amazon Self Publishing Help

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