How to Write a Book or Novel – An Insider’s Guide to Getting Published

January 27, 2012 in Books, Non Fiction, Writing & Publishing

How to Write A Book

A Guide For New Writers – Ebook Publishing or Print – by Jonathan Veale.

How to write a NovelHave you ever wondered what it takes to write and publish that book you’ve been thinking about for ages? This authoritative, up-to-the-minute guide by writer, editor, and ebook publisher Jonathan Veale pulls no punches. He outlines the steps to take – and the pitfalls to avoid – as you plan, write and see your first book completed and published for all to read.

Packed full of tips from a writer who has been both poacher and gamekeeper.

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Few writers make fortunes from writing books. Many spend recklessly and make nothing. Both extremes need to be dismissed. The middle ground is described here. Whether you have a thriller in mind, or a perhaps slightly less exciting autobiography, the generous advice here will help you see your project through from idea to publication.

The activities of rogue publishers and agents are explored in depth so that you can identify them easily. Once in their clutches your returns diminish and your pocket empties.

The guide recommends you acquire a few hours of editorial advice as you plan and pursue a writing project, but purely to keep you focused and on track.

Ebooks, together with the latest print-on-demand options, permit writers with their wits about them to publish books, printed and or digital, at minimum cost, and market them worldwide using Amazon websites and similar online retailers. A chapter describes this exciting new route for aspiring writers.

This guide will increase your chances of success, ensure your writing does you credit, . . . and it will also protect your pocket. That’s why this book is being marketed as an ebook at a modest price. But the information contained is designed to save you thousands!

Book Review

Jonathan Veale knows what authors go through. In this ebook he doesn’t hide any of the hard truth about writing and getting published. If that’s what you want to do then ignore this book at your peril. Written by Redacto on Amazon

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