Expat Living in Rural France – Still Barking

January 31, 2012 in Books, Fiction, Humour

Expat Living in Rural France The second in a two volume series of books on what life is like for an expat, living in a rural part of the South of France. Continuing on from the short story listing of Volume 1, Jonathan Veale adds more meat to the bones of his expat living in France tales. A humorous take on the comings and goings of expats as they visit the Cochon and Sifflet village bar, mixing with the locals, getting embroiled with some local politics and often creating a little bit of a furore themselves. All done for the most part under the watchful eye of the bar’s proprietor who, in an attempt to improve his English, sends regular updates by email to his famous cartoonist friend. A very much tongue in cheek offering of light entertainment and humour.

Volume 2

Like the first volume, the episodes in these books are complete stories in themselves and offer more insights into, amongst other things, property buying in France, dealing with the authorities, and generally getting along without upsetting the locals.

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Expat Living FranceIf you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out volume 1 of the ‘Expat Living in Rural France‘ series. If you like the look of the books, then it would make sense to buy volume 1 first. But of course the choice is entirely yours.

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