How To Make The Ebook Route Your Publishing Priority

May 24, 2012 in Articles, eBook publishing

Until Amazon arrived as a major force in book retailing, aspiring writers had few choices when seeking to publish their work. And the choices themselves were fraught with dangers and delays that the publishing trade itself refused to tackle. The result: a lazy and inefficient marketplace dominated by a few powerful publishing organisations and retailers. Just the sort of place to intimidate the novice writer. Big players throw their weight around and rarely have time for newcomers. But ebooks are beyond their control. The internet, computers and ereaders mean that writers can publish to the world at large, bypassing many of the costly and time-consuming procedures associated with the traditional trade.

eBook PublishingA book can be written in weeks, months or years – that’s a matter for the writer alone. Once, however, a manuscript is accepted by a traditional publisher – and that process itself may take many months, and sometimes years – it’s highly unlikely your book will appear for sale in any bookshop for at least six months, and more likely nine. That’s the system. That was the system that faced all new writers. Daunting! Expensive! Off-putting!

If you have a well-written draft for a book, aimed at a specific readership, large or small – but well-defined, then a sensible course for you might be to publish this as an ebook, either independently, or with the help of a dedicated ebook publishing service. In a matter of weeks you will be a published author. There will be no guarantee that you will be a wealthy published author, but your book will be out there, for millions to see . . . and the cost in terms of time and money will be but a fraction of the traditional route.

Ebooks need to be edited and proofread with the same degree of care as their printed cousins. Skimp these necessities and your book will die a death and ruin your reputation. They also need to be formatted so that they read well on ereaders such as the Amazon Kindle and then professionally listed on the internet – a task for marketing specialists Attend to the above items and you will have given your book a decent chance of success. All that’s then needed is additional publicity; a task that you alone can bolster. Don’t pay anyone to do this for you. It’s money down the drain.

How much will all this cost. Not a lot!

If you have the time and ability, editing, with a professional online to guide you as you self-edit, needn’t break the bank. Beware of any service that suggests the more you pay the better the book will be. Nonsense. If you can write then that’s not true. If you can’t . . . you should be taking a writing course; much cheaper, and more productive. Formatting your manuscript and listing the book properly requires a set number of hours, depending on the length and demands of the text, but these too need not be onerous. Once your book is published, according to the deal you strike with your ebook publisher, you should be seeing a return on your investment in weeks. A brilliant and potentially lucrative alternative to the print route.

Ebooks –  How Your Manuscript Is Turned Into An eBook

March 21, 2012 in Articles, Formatting eBooks

Formatting eBooksComputers are wonderful things, but they do have drawbacks: the people who dominate the industry, with a few notable exceptions, have a limitless contempt for the average consumer. These technicians know how their machines function; we, the poor customers, can like it or lump it. And when they attempt to ‘come down to our level’ and offer guidance as to how to make the things work – get anything to work – they assume we already have a knowledge of geek-speak and have hours to spare trawling through semi-literate instructions to find what we want.

Ereaders, the hand-held products like Kindles that display ebooks, present this technical world with additional headaches. We now have a clash of the Titans: traditional publishers with their jargon-ridden world constantly harping back to an era where molten lead was poured into moulds to produce print, and excitable and money-hungry computer-savvy youngsters who relish the thought of bringing readers worldwide into their marketplace. Something had to happen. And it has. Confusion!

Amazon are doing well with the Kindle Publishing programme and if you have your wits about you, and have the time to spare to format your book properly, you should end up with your book listed in the Kindle Store. And your ebook should display reasonably well for readers who buy it.

An expert can usually negotiate the technical hurdles in a matter of hours; a novice should put aside days if not weeks because the learning curve is steep – especially if you want a decent ebook to result.

Many traditional publishers came a cropper when they started to convert their printed publications into ebooks. The quality of the ebooks produced was often appalling. Nowadays the wise ones take great care in only offering ebooks that have been monitored by humans first. Computers proved incapable of spotting the errors that the conversion processes were producing.

Our advice: look around for advice and support, and do look into the DIY route for publishing your book. If you can stay the course, you should see your book online in a week or two. But a more prudent route might be to leave the technical side of things to those who know what’s required. That will leave you free to get on with your next offering, happy in the knowledge that your published ebook is a professional one you can be proud of.


January 26, 2012 in

eBookIssues is an eBook Publishing and Formatting Service for Independent Authors

eBook PublishingHave you a book in mind, a manuscript to publish, or a book in print you would like to release as an ebook? Ebook publishing and formatting is our specialty, and we may be able to help. All our book advisers have written and published books themselves. Their expertise can be yours for the asking.

Unlike their printed cousins, ebooks can be uploaded and made available for sale online in a week or two. The Amazon Kindle store already offers a worldwide marketplace for ebooks, and other major players are now competing to meet the demand and are publishing the eBooks being written by thousands of aspiring authors.

Working with eBook Issues?

As soon as you get in touch (use the ‘contact us’ link at the top of any page), emails are exchanged with our editors as you explain what you would like to see published . . . and they respond by outlining the services you may wish to explore.

eBook PublishingAuthors who would like to publish with eBook Issues select the cost option that suits them best. Some prefer a nominal upfront payment, accompanied by an agreed royalty figure; other authors opt to retain all royalties but settle our modest formatting fees at cost. Either way, our writers know in advance what their total investment will cover.

* eBook Issues is only interested in publishing well written and professionally produced books that ideally have been both edited and proofread. As we actively promote our authors and their books we reserve the right not to proceed with manuscripts that are sub-standard in any respect.


eBook Commentary

when-sorrows-come-kdpWhen Sorrows Come – A WW2 Story of Ukrainian Oppression

Now available as both an eBook and a Paperback, this amazing story is based around the events that occurred in Ukraine during the Second World War. A people oppressed by the Bolsheviks and Stalin’s Russia in 1939 and again in 1941 when the German Nazi’s were driven out as their war efforts on too many fronts started to fail.

It was a period of merciless killing, deportations and the brutal suppression of any ambitions the people had for the country or of being able to govern themselves.

It won The Big Bingham Book Read in 2015 and was one of four finalists for the Historical Novel Society Indie Award 2016.

The Story

When teenager Anna’s family in Ukraine is torn apart by Stalin’s bullies, she and her mother must try to survive the Russian occupation of their village. But the violence intensifies in the Second World War when the Nazis invade, and as the Fascists’ cruelty affects those close to her, Anna’s resilience grows. She has the will to survive the occupying force despite the dangers.

When her lover joins the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, she decides to help the partisans in their fight against powerful enemies. Her courage does not fail as she loses those she loves…but being brave doesn’t guarantee survival.

Read More….. When Sorrows Come or visit Maria’s author page.


Out of Africa - The House Called MbabatiThe House Called Mbabati – A Novel Out of Africa by Samantha Ford

Now available, the second, long awaited, novel out of Africa by Samantha Ford, author of The Zanzibar Affair.

Set in the deepest wilds of Eastern Africa, there is a deserted mansion that refuses to give up its dark history without a fight.

In a magnificent music room on the top floor sits a Steinway Grand Piano, covered in years of dust, no longer played and neglected; the doors to the room boarded and nailed shut. It is worth a fortune, but the risk to the owners if they return to claim it and the house is just too big a risk to take.

One man stands alone, looking after ‘The House Called Mbabati‘, as he has for more than twenty years, protecting both the property and the secret past it hides.

With the house left empty and decaying for so long, an act of desperation leads to an attempt to contact the owner. But people start to ask questions about exactly who does own the house and why it was left deserted so many years ago, why would such a magnificent house with its highly valuable contents simply be discarded?

One man, a journalist called Alex Patterson, decides it is time to unravel the mystery that surrounds ‘The House Called Mbabati’ and the people that used to live there in conditions of such splendid privilege.

Read More….. The House Called Mbabati or visit Samantha Ford‘s author page.


Sci Fi BooksThe Fortress – A Sci Fi Adventure from Daniel Snyder

This is Daniel Snyder’s first science fiction book, a short story which is the founding member of a new series called the Win or Die series. Commander Daniel Stone finds himself to be the first line of defense against an alien invasion from the Delonian Empire. A ferocious alien species that are armed to the teeth with highly sophisticated weaponry capable of mass destruction. Not even a nuclear deterrent can stand up against the futuristic arsenal the Delonians bring and they only have one objective…. total control of the Universe and total annihilation of anyone or anything that tries to stand in their way.

A fantastic first book for a talented sci fi author, you can find it on Amazon in Kinde version and be reading it in minutes.

The book is competitively priced at only 99c in the USA and 99p in the UK… more

A reluctant heroes story

The Reluctant Killer – An HIV Story from Robert Durrant

The ‘Reluctant Killer’ is a story of a man, diagnosed as being HIV positive, who believes he has finally managed to get his life back together. Then, on a celebratory trip to New York, he finds himself at the centre of a hostage situation involving terrorists that have only one agenda – get their demands met or kill every hostage they have managed to capture.

They quickly demonstrate, in brutal fashion, that they have no regard for human life and will kill without hesitation.  An innocent victim pays the ultimate price for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Memories of 9/11 come flooding back for all those that experienced that terrorist attack either directly or through the media. New York was under attack again, but this time they are better prepared.

Along with many other innocent hostages, Mark Thorpe is now at the mercy of the terrorists but, realising that they have no mercy, he decides that he is not going to face this second life threatening situation without a fight. Now only 99p…………… read more here

Corporate greed in the banking world

The Latest Book from the Author of the Carcassonne Affair

Enter a world of corporate greed and a corrupt financial systems where banks are set to lose all credibility as their employees line up to feather their own pockets and increase their already enormous bonuses even further.

But some have had enough and set their store on revealing the corruption and bad practice. Customers being miss-sold products they don’t need, interest rates being fixed to secure huge profits no matter the cost to the public or the country. Someone has to speak out and a whistleblower is born…………read more

The Whistleblower Affair now available on Amazon





Also Susannah Carlton’s – Biting the Stick

Susannah Carlton is not an author to shy away from the important issues in life and her new book, out now, is no exception to the rule. Susannah takes on the topical issue of Female Genital Mutilation in her very latest novel……….. Biting the Stick. 

The book is going to be available initially as an exclusive Amazon offering in Kindle format and also as a paperback via Createspace.  The story describes the events and circumstances  surrounding the life of Tania, a support worker, who stumbles upon a cutting party (not sure party is a particularly appropriate term) taking place on a University Campus in the UK. Shocked and horrified Tania, who is already under tremendous personal pressures, struggles to come to terms with what she has discovered and even more importantly what to do about it………..Read More

Biting the Stick – Now available as a paperback on Createspace or Amazon

You can purchase all the listed books from Amazon but if you need their FREE Kindle Reading App for Most Devices, use this link


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