46 Top Websites to Promote Your Book for FREE

January 8, 2014 in Articles, Book promotions

Dear Reader: This list of websites, which we compiled in March 2012, grew in the meantime to almost 100. Please visit our two new blog posts with even more possibilities to announce your work for free:

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Also don’t forget that by creating a simple video you can promote your books on the world’s second biggest search site http://www.youtube.com/user/ebookissues Just like this one:

The Wake Crasher

November 4, 2013 in Books, Fiction, General, Humour, Romantic Novels

The Wake CrasherThe Wake Crasher is a new book and debut novel from new Indie author Robert Durrant.

It is a book that examines moral principals and can divide opinion on whether you think the principle characters are just having some harmless fun or are a little bit sick and misguided. A dark humoured romantic comedy that describes the consequences of being a ‘Wake Crasher’.

The Wake CrasherInitially the perpetrators embark on what they see as a harmless way of getting a few free drinks and a bite to eat at a time when they are struggling to pay the bills in a world that is in financial meltdown.

It is not too long however before they come to realise that there is no such thing as a free ride and that every action they take comes at a price, especially when they dabble in the dark side of life!

New relationships are formed and the principle characters get a little more than they expected from their endeavors. Trouble is the starting point for any new relationship is from a position of deceit and dishonesty and how can that work in a modern world where everyone knows everyone and life is little like living in a goldfish bowl?

A book that will appeal to young adults and teenagers but also for those that like to cringe a little!

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If you would like to purchase this book it is now available in Kindle format from Amazon for immediate download. You can literally be reading it in minutes. Available worldwide and for ease in the USA or UK via the following links:

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Robert Durrant – Author of Fiction Novels

November 1, 2013 in

Robert Durrant - AuthorRobert Durrant is a native of the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK where he still resides and works.

His wide and varied interests include time spent writing fiction novels. A process he says can be both difficult and frustrating, but thankfully, he finds that it is also hugely rewarding. This is the reason that it can now be reported that he has completed his first novel ‘The Wake Crasher’, a slightly humorous look at the darker side of life through the eyes of some young adults struggling to make ends meet at a time when the world is in financial meltdown.

Robert works in a stressful job managing a large turnover and operating to tight schedules, mostly involving large reports and accounts. He understands the need for working to fixed dates having previously been in a career as a police officer. No doubt he has drawn on his current and previous experience to fuel the material for his fiction novels, perhaps witnessing a few events the public would not be privy to.

Robert second novel in the pipeline, a thriller called “The Reluctant Killer” has just been released and takes a look at the life of a man diagnosed as HIV positive who then finds himself in a life threatening hostage situation.

As an author of fiction novels, Robert is off to a great start, so bookmark this page and make sure you don’t miss any of his new releases, especially ‘The Reluctant Killer’ and its sequel. The first of which, as mentioned above,  is now available and you can find out more about it via the link below.

Robert’s Books

Web Marketing & SEO Guide for Beginners – Featured Book

January 24, 2013 in Articles, Book Marketing

SEO for beginnersThis new eBook available from Amazon is a valuable reference for anyone that is publishing work on the Internet using a website, blog or articles.

Book writers and publishers may be particularly interested in finding out how to get free traffic to their books or Internet promotions. The book describes how to use natural organic search engine optimization techniques such as how to find the right keywords, how to build back links and how to optimise web pages so that search engines can access the information trouble free and return the pages in search results; where it matters most.

You can use the following links to go and grab your copy of what might just prove to be your long term reference to Website Marketing and SEO.

Google DOs and Google DON’Ts (UK)

Google DOs and Google DON’Ts (USA)

Who this Web Marketing Guide is For

This book is for individuals or businesses just starting out or struggling to be found, indexed and included in search engine results. Read the rest of this entry →

Writing and Marketing an eBook

June 10, 2012 in Articles, Book Marketing

When you have finished writing your book and you are ready to upload it to Amazon or perhaps an alternative distributor, it is time to stop and think. There are some important actions that need to be taken care of before you make the wrong impression to your intended audience.

eBook Marketing1. Create a really compelling cover. Have you got a professional cover to accompany your book? It needs to look good not only as a full sized image, but also as a thumbnail.  Amazon shows thumbnail cover images in search results, automated merchandising, and detail pages. This is the equivalent of having your book on a shelf in a book store and the image must grab the attention of anyone viewing it. Without a professional cover it is unlikely that a potential customer will click through to the detail page of your book, the first step they take when making a purchase. If you’re struggling with creating a compelling cover, you should use a design service to create your cover.

2. Edit and proofread your book properly. Just because you have created an eBook it does not mean you can allow standards to drop. Your book needs to be readable and error free. Books filled with typos and grammatical errors will probably result in negative customer reviews. So think about using a book editing service and employing the services of a proof reader.

3. Writing a compelling description of the book. The description of your book gives potential customers the opportunity to learn about your book before they make a purchase. It is worth thinking about the description of your book as an extension of your writing style i.e. you can give potential customers a taste of your writing style and the pace of your book in the description. Again it needs to be readable and error free. It also needs to contain the search terms that people are likely to use to find a book of your genre and topic. This is essentially your sales pitch and an opportunity to convince readers to buy your book. Once again if you are struggling to put together an appropriate description then consider using the services of a professional copywriter.

4. Introducing yourself to your readers. make sure you have an ‘author profile’ available. Amazon provide this facility through their Author Central option, one for each of their primary distribution sites. Ensure your author profile is complete on all the sites you are going to offer your book for sale. You can use Author Central to upload your picture, add a biography, and in some cases link to your blog or a Twitter feed so you can speak directly to readers. If you are not using Amazon, then look what other options are available to you, you may even need to create your own blog or perhaps request an author page and or book post on this site. So if you need help with this then get in touch via the Contact Us page, the discussion can be as long as you want.

Creating a compelling author page takes just a few minutes and will help readers learn more about you and your books. Here are a few examples of author pages visible on Author Central: Brian StephensSamantha FordRichard Cheesmar. Remember, where possible, to use all the facilities offered in order to promote yourself  and your book, blog links, Twitter, Facebook etc.

5. Promote your book online. You can use the Web to connect potential readers and purchasers with your book. Social networks are a free way to establish a following. You can create profiles on sites such as  Facebook and Twitter to promote your book on those sites. LinkIn is a good option for non-fiction books especially if they have a business base. Similarly, you can create a website or blog for your book very easily and cheaply, you can post on message boards, join user communities, and promote your book on many sites across the Web. Always remember however, no-one likes direct selling and as proud as you are of your book, ramming it down peoples throats and telling them to buy it simply doesn’t work. It is far better to discuss how you came to write your book, what aspects of the writing you struggled with, how the main characters were created and what gave you the idea for them. In other words you need to create interest and engage with people, make friends with them and garner a little bit of trust. That way you will build a loyal following, not only for your first book but also any subsequent books you produce.

6. Upload videos and book trailers. If you have the inclination and capability you can create videos and book trailers for publication on sites such as YouTube. Self-publishing authors are increasingly creating video trailers to advertise their books online, and  with respect to Amazon, the  Author Pages give you a place to feature those video trailers. You can simply upload a short video that shows readers what your book is about and tempts them to read the book to find out more. This is a great tool and if you can put together a professional video, there is no doubt it will help you sell your book.

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