Author Spotlight – Markham Turner

May 31, 2013 in Articles, Author Spotlight

New ZealandMarkham Turner is a native New Zealander and has written 3 novels, to date, all published as ebooks via Moulin Publications. The books are available through a number of different distributors in several different formats. Markham writes for the fiction genre and two of his books come under the action-adventure category. He has also written one science fiction novel which will leave you in the mind of Blakes 7 or something of a similar ilk. I have read and enjoyed all three of his novels and couldn’t really differentiate which one I would put ahead of the others. I really liked all three and would happy to recommend them all to anyone looking for a book that is a little different from the norm and perhaps a little bit quirky.

To get an understanding of where this rare species of New Zealand authors gets his quirky style of writing, I decided to ask him a few questions designed to give his readers a little bit of an insight into the man himself. Following is the latest, author spotlight, interview of Markham Turner:

Interviewing an Author from New Zealand

Q) You have written three books now and have more in the pipeline. What is it that gives you the motivation to continue writing?

A) I’ve always wanted to write; having started, I now feel uncomfortable if I can’t type at least few paragraphs a day; some weird sort of psychiatric compulsion I suppose?

Q) Do you think a person has to be a little masochistic to become a writer of novels? Read the rest of this entry →