Recommended eBook Formats for Independent eBook Publishers

November 12, 2012 in Articles, Formatting eBooks

Putting aside some of the older technologies, eBook formatting now seems to be settling down into three leading formatting options:

  • PDF Format
  • EPUB Format
  • MOBI Format

PDF Format

The PDF format or ‘portable document file’ is an option created by the Adobe software group. PDF files can be created fairly easily by the masses using PDF convertors that typically hi-jack the print function of a word processor or in fact many software programs that have a printing facility. PDF Creator is a program that can be used for this purpose and is available on line as a free download using the link provided.

The whole point of a PDF file is that it allows a document to be easily read and shared between PCs but it is difficult to edit without a special editing program. For example, a word processor file, or excel spreadsheet can be easily converted to a PDF. So from the provider’s perspective, they can retain a reasonable element of protection for their document but can at the same time share it easily allowing third parties to view it but not necessarily edit it.

Adobe give away the software that can be used to view PDF’s for free. So if you own a PC and want to view or print documents easily, including eBooks, the PDF is normally the best option.

Please Note : A PDF is not necessarily the best option for mobile devices or Amazon’s Kindle device. Read the rest of this entry →