Getting a Book Published & Avoiding the Bear Traps

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Getting a Book Published is Knowing What Not To Do

getting a book publishedThere are three easy steps to sink your book’s prospects

And there are many more. But let’s be charitable and assume your book is the bee’s knees. It’s beautifully written; readers are lapping up books covering your chosen theme, and you are bringing something new to the table. Publishers and agents will be delighted to hear from you.

If only. The truth is best faced sooner than later. Publishing is a cut-throat business, and one that is seldom as professional as you might imagine. For every intelligent, benevolent adviser assessing drafts from writers there are hundreds of low-paid, over-worked staff who all imagine they are God’s gift to literature and view submissions from new writers as fodder to be disposed of in record time. Offer these people the slightest opportunity to reject your work and they’ll take it – before they’ve read a word of the book itself.

Getting a book published therefore requires careful consideration of how to avoid the bear traps!

Getting Published – The Rules

1. Horses for Courses.

Don’t enter your horse for a race it can’t win. Mills and Boon are highly successful, but are unlikely to give your non-fiction survey -‘Sparrows of the Kalahari’ a moment’s thought. The better focused and businesslike publishers are, the more likely they are to know precisely what they will consider or reject. Homework, e-mails and phone calls must identify who are in the market for your future book. You must first know which market you are aiming at (not as easy as it appears) then ensure your draft is aimed at the right target.

2. Leap one hurdle at a time.

The majority of works submitted to publishers are not read. Why? Because the e-mails, letters, proposals and synopses that accompany them reveal the shoddiness of what must surely follow – in the book proper. Why should a publisher overlook woolly descriptions and amateurish summaries of an author’s work? If someone is incapable of describing the merits of their own handiwork why should others find it fruitful? One in a thousand writers may be congenitally incapable of succinctly describing their own masterpiece; no publisher or agent worth his salt can spare the time to burrow through a thousand drafts to find it. Have one objective in mind at this submission stage: to get your book or extracts at least read. Nothing more – nothing less.

3. Be economical with the truth.

A short introductory letter, accompanied by a one page synopsis and a paragraph or two describing the readership you seek to reach should be more than enough to entice a publisher to request/read extracts of your work. The letter is purely a courtesy – simply introduce yourself and your work; the synopsis should reveal the bones of your book so that the reader can instantly appreciate its essence – but don’t flesh out these bones: the extracts will do that. The few paragraphs about your intended readership will indicate to publishers that you understand what their readers wish to read.

You will not receive any Brownie points for length or literary ability; quite the reverse. The more concise, brief and businesslike you are, the more likely the reader will thank you and request sight of extracts. Remember, all you want is someone to taste the book itself, not hand out gongs for writing menus.

A book editing service can help you tune these preparatory stages. The synopsis is the most difficult, and the most important. Writing these is a business skill rather than a literary one and, where authors find it a task too far, look for editors who will do the job for you. An independent, outside view of your work usually ensures your work is read. Then it’s up to the merits of your writing to carry the day.

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Why the eBook Route?

March 21, 2012 in

Why The Ebook Route Is Attractive For New Writers

Getting published has seldom been cheaper. Or easier. And I’m not only talking about ebooks. Printed books can be produced to order, quickly, one at a time, but here set-up costs can be heavy and there are drawbacks for the unwary, with unscrupulous operators masquerading as real publishers after your business – the sort who instead of paying you, empty your pocket, and take no investment risk whatsoever.

However, with ebooks, aspiring writers with their wits about them can now bypass the submission marathon and become published authors in a matter of weeks . . . if they feel that impatient. Which I must admit most of us do!

Writing and Publishing Your eBook

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Offers Many Advantages

It’s the arrival of the ebook mass market that I’m really interested in, especially the one set up by Amazon with its Kindle ebook readers and Kindle Store. Publishers failed to appreciate what Amazon was doing to the market for their printed books, and indeed some are still protesting as their old-fashioned ways of operating are exposed for the rackets they were: ones that benefited neither reader or writer, or indeed the publishing houses themselves in many instances.

Why take the eBook route?The Kindle Store offers new writers a free platform to display their books; it’s one where they can list them, describe their merits, offer a profile of the author, and adjust the price of the ebook from one day to the next. Amazon do take a commission on each sale, but at rates that compare well with the abysmally low net royalties offered by traditional publishers. There are also ways to promote your books which may just get their heads above the precipice and into the bestseller category: Listmania, wish-lists and using your buyer profile to like them and promote the search tags. These are tools that can be used on Amazon to give a promotional push that should not be underestimated.

But if something sounds almost too good to be true, as this does, then what are the dangers, the horrors that might plague you as a newly published writer once your book is available for readers worldwide?

When you put your name on an ebook, then its shortcomings will be down to you. Nobody else. And to prepare for and ward off these disadvantages it’s necessary to split the marketing aspect into three facets:

  •  .  what does the ‘packaging’ proclaim, inform readers about treats to come
  •  .  how are the ‘contents’ displayed
  • .  how instructive, well-written or entertaining is the book itself

Taking these in reverse order, if your writing is semi-literate, poorly punctuated, and rambles as you attempt and fail to take your reader on a literary journey, then your reputation is punctured both as a writer (probably for good) and as a person (what will your friends think of you when they read it?). The same care should be taken with the writing of an ebook as you would devote to its printed cousin. Your draft should be planned, edited, proofread, and targeted from inception at an identified readership, and then it should respect it. Provide what readers are looking for and they will respect you and look out for your work in the future.

If you have a brilliant manuscript, the next thing to ensure is that it is laid out so that the software employed by ebook online retailers will display it well on ebook readers. If you pay insufficient attention at this stage – Amazon offers page upon page of advice but it’s not always easy to follow – then your work may look dreadful when viewed on ebook readers. And if that’s true, your book will neither sell or do you justice. My advice: unless you are comfortable with the jargon employed by computer and print people, invest a small sum in acquiring expert help – at least for your first book.

And finally we come to the marketing and ‘packaging’. Here we are talking about what visitors first see when they visit the Kindle Store or other online ebook retailer. Your ebook will commence with two things: a unique listing page, and a place where it sits with all other similar books in your chosen category.

To deal with your unique listing first, you will be asked to describe your book, categorise it, give it a title, price it, and provide an image of ‘the cover’, a reminder that while no ebook will ever exist outside the screen you view it on, publishers still think of it as a tangible thing that can be picked up! Every one of these things, if incorrectly done, will ruin your chances of success.

For the listings, your competitors will all be visible alongside a summary of your book, and because you are new to the listings, you shouldn’t expect to be number one immediately. You won’t be. You’ll more likely be number forty or fifty. But if everything you’ve done works as it should, your sales should rise over the following weeks as readers find your work.

One last point. I would strongly advise new writers to seek a little support when tackling this brilliant market for the first time. Editorial advice should ensure the minor literary flaws are eradicated soon enough (if they don’t then perhaps you shouldn’t be publishing just yet), technical support will guarantee a well laid out book, and an informative listing will ensure your book has a reasonable chance of being a success.

Seize the opportunity, I say . . . but take as much care as you can to produce truly professional work you can be proud of.

How to Write a Book or Novel – An Insider’s Guide to Getting Published

January 27, 2012 in Books, Non Fiction, Writing & Publishing

How to Write A Book

A Guide For New Writers – Ebook Publishing or Print – by Jonathan Veale.

How to write a NovelHave you ever wondered what it takes to write and publish that book you’ve been thinking about for ages? This authoritative, up-to-the-minute guide by writer, editor, and ebook publisher Jonathan Veale pulls no punches. He outlines the steps to take – and the pitfalls to avoid – as you plan, write and see your first book completed and published for all to read.

Packed full of tips from a writer who has been both poacher and gamekeeper.

Purchase this Book

Available now in Kindle format from Amazon, you can purchase the book and be reading it in a matter of minutes. Use the links below:


Also available in multiple formats on Smashwords – How to Write a Book or Novel

Also in Paperback

How to Write a Book or Novel is also now available in printed format directly from Amazon, just click on the advert above.

Few writers make fortunes from writing books. Many spend recklessly and make nothing. Both extremes need to be dismissed. The middle ground is described here. Whether you have a thriller in mind, or a perhaps slightly less exciting autobiography, the generous advice here will help you see your project through from idea to publication.

The activities of rogue publishers and agents are explored in depth so that you can identify them easily. Once in their clutches your returns diminish and your pocket empties.

The guide recommends you acquire a few hours of editorial advice as you plan and pursue a writing project, but purely to keep you focused and on track.

Ebooks, together with the latest print-on-demand options, permit writers with their wits about them to publish books, printed and or digital, at minimum cost, and market them worldwide using Amazon websites and similar online retailers. A chapter describes this exciting new route for aspiring writers.

This guide will increase your chances of success, ensure your writing does you credit, . . . and it will also protect your pocket. That’s why this book is being marketed as an ebook at a modest price. But the information contained is designed to save you thousands!

Book Review

Jonathan Veale knows what authors go through. In this ebook he doesn’t hide any of the hard truth about writing and getting published. If that’s what you want to do then ignore this book at your peril. Written by Redacto on Amazon

To see more reviews of this book click Here

You can see the author’s profile using this link Jonathan Veale


January 26, 2012 in

eBookIssues is an eBook Publishing and Formatting Service for Independent Authors

eBook PublishingHave you a book in mind, a manuscript to publish, or a book in print you would like to release as an ebook? Ebook publishing and formatting is our specialty, and we may be able to help. All our book advisers have written and published books themselves. Their expertise can be yours for the asking.

Unlike their printed cousins, ebooks can be uploaded and made available for sale online in a week or two. The Amazon Kindle store already offers a worldwide marketplace for ebooks, and other major players are now competing to meet the demand and are publishing the eBooks being written by thousands of aspiring authors.

Working with eBook Issues?

As soon as you get in touch (use the ‘contact us’ link at the top of any page), emails are exchanged with our editors as you explain what you would like to see published . . . and they respond by outlining the services you may wish to explore.

eBook PublishingAuthors who would like to publish with eBook Issues select the cost option that suits them best. Some prefer a nominal upfront payment, accompanied by an agreed royalty figure; other authors opt to retain all royalties but settle our modest formatting fees at cost. Either way, our writers know in advance what their total investment will cover.

* eBook Issues is only interested in publishing well written and professionally produced books that ideally have been both edited and proofread. As we actively promote our authors and their books we reserve the right not to proceed with manuscripts that are sub-standard in any respect.


eBook Commentary

when-sorrows-come-kdpWhen Sorrows Come – A WW2 Story of Ukrainian Oppression

Now available as both an eBook and a Paperback, this amazing story is based around the events that occurred in Ukraine during the Second World War. A people oppressed by the Bolsheviks and Stalin’s Russia in 1939 and again in 1941 when the German Nazi’s were driven out as their war efforts on too many fronts started to fail.

It was a period of merciless killing, deportations and the brutal suppression of any ambitions the people had for the country or of being able to govern themselves.

It won The Big Bingham Book Read in 2015 and was one of four finalists for the Historical Novel Society Indie Award 2016.

The Story

When teenager Anna’s family in Ukraine is torn apart by Stalin’s bullies, she and her mother must try to survive the Russian occupation of their village. But the violence intensifies in the Second World War when the Nazis invade, and as the Fascists’ cruelty affects those close to her, Anna’s resilience grows. She has the will to survive the occupying force despite the dangers.

When her lover joins the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, she decides to help the partisans in their fight against powerful enemies. Her courage does not fail as she loses those she loves…but being brave doesn’t guarantee survival.

Read More….. When Sorrows Come or visit Maria’s author page.


Out of Africa - The House Called MbabatiThe House Called Mbabati – A Novel Out of Africa by Samantha Ford

Now available, the second, long awaited, novel out of Africa by Samantha Ford, author of The Zanzibar Affair.

Set in the deepest wilds of Eastern Africa, there is a deserted mansion that refuses to give up its dark history without a fight.

In a magnificent music room on the top floor sits a Steinway Grand Piano, covered in years of dust, no longer played and neglected; the doors to the room boarded and nailed shut. It is worth a fortune, but the risk to the owners if they return to claim it and the house is just too big a risk to take.

One man stands alone, looking after ‘The House Called Mbabati‘, as he has for more than twenty years, protecting both the property and the secret past it hides.

With the house left empty and decaying for so long, an act of desperation leads to an attempt to contact the owner. But people start to ask questions about exactly who does own the house and why it was left deserted so many years ago, why would such a magnificent house with its highly valuable contents simply be discarded?

One man, a journalist called Alex Patterson, decides it is time to unravel the mystery that surrounds ‘The House Called Mbabati’ and the people that used to live there in conditions of such splendid privilege.

Read More….. The House Called Mbabati or visit Samantha Ford‘s author page.


Sci Fi BooksThe Fortress – A Sci Fi Adventure from Daniel Snyder

This is Daniel Snyder’s first science fiction book, a short story which is the founding member of a new series called the Win or Die series. Commander Daniel Stone finds himself to be the first line of defense against an alien invasion from the Delonian Empire. A ferocious alien species that are armed to the teeth with highly sophisticated weaponry capable of mass destruction. Not even a nuclear deterrent can stand up against the futuristic arsenal the Delonians bring and they only have one objective…. total control of the Universe and total annihilation of anyone or anything that tries to stand in their way.

A fantastic first book for a talented sci fi author, you can find it on Amazon in Kinde version and be reading it in minutes.

The book is competitively priced at only 99c in the USA and 99p in the UK… more

A reluctant heroes story

The Reluctant Killer – An HIV Story from Robert Durrant

The ‘Reluctant Killer’ is a story of a man, diagnosed as being HIV positive, who believes he has finally managed to get his life back together. Then, on a celebratory trip to New York, he finds himself at the centre of a hostage situation involving terrorists that have only one agenda – get their demands met or kill every hostage they have managed to capture.

They quickly demonstrate, in brutal fashion, that they have no regard for human life and will kill without hesitation.  An innocent victim pays the ultimate price for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Memories of 9/11 come flooding back for all those that experienced that terrorist attack either directly or through the media. New York was under attack again, but this time they are better prepared.

Along with many other innocent hostages, Mark Thorpe is now at the mercy of the terrorists but, realising that they have no mercy, he decides that he is not going to face this second life threatening situation without a fight. Now only 99p…………… read more here

Corporate greed in the banking world

The Latest Book from the Author of the Carcassonne Affair

Enter a world of corporate greed and a corrupt financial systems where banks are set to lose all credibility as their employees line up to feather their own pockets and increase their already enormous bonuses even further.

But some have had enough and set their store on revealing the corruption and bad practice. Customers being miss-sold products they don’t need, interest rates being fixed to secure huge profits no matter the cost to the public or the country. Someone has to speak out and a whistleblower is born…………read more

The Whistleblower Affair now available on Amazon





Also Susannah Carlton’s – Biting the Stick

Susannah Carlton is not an author to shy away from the important issues in life and her new book, out now, is no exception to the rule. Susannah takes on the topical issue of Female Genital Mutilation in her very latest novel……….. Biting the Stick. 

The book is going to be available initially as an exclusive Amazon offering in Kindle format and also as a paperback via Createspace.  The story describes the events and circumstances  surrounding the life of Tania, a support worker, who stumbles upon a cutting party (not sure party is a particularly appropriate term) taking place on a University Campus in the UK. Shocked and horrified Tania, who is already under tremendous personal pressures, struggles to come to terms with what she has discovered and even more importantly what to do about it………..Read More

Biting the Stick – Now available as a paperback on Createspace or Amazon

You can purchase all the listed books from Amazon but if you need their FREE Kindle Reading App for Most Devices, use this link


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