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David Leadbeater - AuthorDavid Leadbeater is an avid reader of all kinds of fiction. He uses his reading and his life’s experiences to inspire the books that he writes and after publishing his second novel ‘The Bones of Odin’, an international mystery thriller, he has gone from strength to strength as an independent author and book publisher.

His first novel was a supernatural thriller called ‘Chosen‘and he is following that theme again for his third novel a collection of short stories set around his home town of York in the North of England. Anyone that has visited York will understand the rich mix of sources that can be drawn upon to inspire the ghostly ‘goings on’ which will be the basis of his next book, a place and environment packed to the rafters with the history of days gone by.

But his real success story has been his Matt Drake series of books about this ex-SAS action hero and his battles of good versus evil. The latest in the series is book number 5 ‘Brothers in Arms’ which, like it’s predecessors, is already and Amazon best seller. Big congratulations to David, who has proved, with the right material, even the little guys in the book publishing world can be very successful. Hats off and here is to long standing and continuing success for many years to come.

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