Expat Living in Rural France – Still Life in the Old Dogs

January 30, 2012 in Books, Fiction, Humour

Expat Living in Rural FranceIf you’ve ever wondered what British expat property owners get up to in France when their friends and relations depart . . . and what it’s like living in France all year round, then these fictional tales reveal everything. Unexpurgated! Little is left to the imagination. Unlike many books of this kind, the author plays no part in these adventures. He’s far too wise . . . or perhaps past it. But his humorous observations and revelations do suggest he has been party to many such goings-on.

Volume 1

The episodes in these books are complete stories in themselves and offer insights into, amongst other things, property buying in France, dealing with the authorities, and generally getting along without upsetting the locals. And one  shares his insights via an email dialogue with a famous English cartoonist, his medium for trying to learn the language of the incomers.

If you don’t say to yourself after reading these tales, ‘perhaps I should think about investing in a small property in France myself’, you’ll not be human. But a cold shower might be wiser.

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Expat Living FranceIf you want more stories along the same theme take a look at Volume 2 of the ‘Expat Living in Rural France‘ series. Lots more humorous short stories that are sure to take your fancy if you liked Volume 1.

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Want to know more about the French, or dream of moving to France? Then these collections of short stories are a must read. I always guessed expats had secret lives once their seasonal guests left. These books reveal all. If you love France, fantasise about getting away from it all, and ever wondered whether this could be the life for you . . . read these stories first. Personally I can’t wait to meet these characters for real in the bar of Le Cochon et Sifflet in the author’s fictional town of Castelverdun. Written by Waldo on Amazon

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