The Happy Hooker: Expat Intrigue – Living with the Enemy in Deepest France

February 3, 2012 in Books, Fiction, Humour

Expat Living France - Jonathan VealeDrink, debauchery and mischief. Yes, a heady mix for the young, but an even more dangerous cocktail for the hundreds of thousands of ‘mature’ Brits who have chosen to make a foreign country their retreat . . . on a permanent basis. In this first of a series of revelations, Jonathan Veale portrays the lives of, we suspect, his friends and acquaintances with a friendly eye and, thank goodness, keeps his own ego and nose out of the equation. As a birdwatcher studies the habitat of the common sparrow, so Jonathan observes the nesting habits of a group of characters who get up to all sorts of mischief. This is a book that should be kept away from mother-in-laws; if they get hold of it, the secrets of an away from it all life will be exposed and the consequences long lasting. What is life really like as an expat? This book reveals all, and teases, amuses and informs with the lightest of touches.

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This book is the printed version of Jonathan’s two Kindle books of ex-pat living in France combined. So it is the perfect solution for anyone without an eReader who wants to get hold of his humorous tales of France.

Kindle Versions Volume1 and Volume 2

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The Happy Hooker: Expat Intrigue – Living with the Enemy in Deepest France USA $14.23

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The Happy Hooker – Living with the Enemy in Deepest France – the price of £7.25 includes postage and packing worldwide.

Book Reviews

How welcome to find a book that makes one laugh so much. This is a most entertaining series of intrigues undertaken by members of a local expat community here in France. The characters are quite believable and instantly recognisable as if in our own village. There is a sharp wit that is found throughout each story and a lovely twist by the end. This is not just a run-of-the-mill expat book but a real gem. An ideal Xmas present for unsuspecting francophile friends. I cannot wait for the sequel. Written by Tommo on Amazon

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