Nazis in Ukraine – Driven Into Exile

February 15, 2017 in Books, Espionage, Military Fiction

Nazis in UkraineNazis in Ukraine

The latest novel by award winning author Maria Dziedzan is a story of German occupation and what happened with the Nazis in Ukraine during the second world war.

The story begins in 1943 at a time when the Germans occupied the whole of Ukraine. Hitler’s plan was remove all Ukrainian rights to their land, use the country as living space for the German population and to utilise the Ukrainian people as slave labour. The programme, overseen by Goering, would take more than two million young men and women from the Ukraine to work on farms, in factories and as domestic servants in Germany.

For anyone that did not comply retribution was swift and brutal.

Driven into Exile tells the story of Natalya and her involvement with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the resistance they put up to the occupying forces and the consequences that fell upon, not only the resistance fighters, but their families and their friends.

Any association with partisans can lead to death under Nazis occupation. And teenager Natalya had forged a very close link indeed. When her lover, and secret husband, is betrayed and ambushed, she must flee her home in Ukraine to avoid endangering the lives of her mother and sisters.

Transported to Germany as forced labour, she hides in plain sight among her enemies where she performs the role of the obedient maid.

But as the Reich begins to crumble under the weight of the Allied onslaught, Natalya must take more dangerous and arduous work alongside other slave labourers in German armaments factories.

As the Germans started to lose battles, especially against the Russians, a new threat would emerge. If the Ukraine wanted independence they would not only have to stand up to the Nazis, but also the Red army.

For many of the millions of displaced persons, there was an easy solution at the end of the war, they could simply return to their lost countries. But for some that was not so simple, Stalin treated any returnees to Ukraine as traitors who were either summarily executed on returning home or deported to Siberia, often to be worked to death in the gulags. Agreements between the Allied forces and Stalin meant that many had no choice, they were sent back to Ukraine and had to face Stalin’s wrath.

Others like Natalya, however, fell into a loophole. They had not been citizens of the USSR in 1939, because Poland had control of Western Ukraine. These people were stuck in limbo and when forced repatriation ceased they were put into refugee camps while their fate was decided. Then a lifeline was thrown when the Allied countries found themselves short of labour. Suddenly thousands of displaced persons could relocate to Britain, Australia, America and Canada to be used as cheap labour. Effectively they were Driven Into Exile.

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German Occupation of the Ukraine


Driven Into Exile is the second book in the My Lost Country series but it is a complete story in itself. Certain characters reappear from the first novel, When Sorrows Come, and different lives are revealed. If you prefer to read When Sorrows Come first you can use this link to find out more about the book and where you can buy it.

Maria Dziedzan became an award winning author when she published her debut novel When Sorrows Come and this, her second novel written in the same inimitable style, is one not to be missed. Especially if you are interested in the events surrounding the Second World War

Not necessary, but if you prefer it you can read Maria’s first book before this one When Sorrows Come . Unless you have read it already of course 🙂

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