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Paranormal Romance BooksThis supernatural romance, the first in a series from novelist Vivian Mayne, concerns a young man, Fin Milton, who together with his childhood friend, Ellie, appears destined to witness their love affair being blighted by a curse they both carry that was cast in an earlier generation.

Fin has supernatural abilities and has never been able to lead a normal life, initially he  was completely unaware that he was living with the curse or that it was his destiny to be torn away from his lover every ten years.

The paranormal romance tale takes place in Cornwall and London, during modern times, and follows Fin’s quest to remove the curse, assisted by the beautiful and mystically gifted daughter of a local family with a history of criminality and violence.

For lovers of spooky stories and paranormal romance books that resonate even in present day Britain, this is a love story to cherish. A page-turner and one that will ensure you leave the lights on as you sleep.

Soon to follow is Vivian’s second book that continues the story of  Fin and Ellie and their ongoing battle with the paranormal in Cornwall.

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Samantha Ford – Contemporary Romance Author

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Samantha Ford Romance NovelistGlobetrotter Samantha Ford is hard to pin down. She moves between continents at the drop of a stylish hat, and though brought up in the UK has lived most of her exciting life outside it – in the Far East, East and Southern Africa, the USA and, more recently, France.

Her novels reflect her interests: people, travel, and the jet-setting antics of the super-rich (but only as an observer!)

Like many a novelist, Samantha has sampled many a career, but unlike most, she hit gold in a number of them. Scriptwriting, newsreading, magazine publishing, and above all else, a deep understanding and love of the high-end luxury safari business in Africa.

Her first work of fiction, The Zanzibar Affair, leaves you in no doubt that not only has Samantha ‘been there and dunnit’ she’s also skilled at sharing her views of the world she’s been part of for so long.

But now she has finally published her second book ‘The House Called Mbabati’ a seriously good romatic suspense thriller set in her favourite backdrop of Eastern Africa. If you purchase this book, you will need to hang onto your hat as she takes you through a whirlwind of twists and turns unravelling a story of deceit, lies, murder and heartbreak. This is a book not to be missed.

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Samantha’s Books

The Zanzibar Affair – A High Society Romance Novel
he House Called Mbabati – A Novel Out of Africa


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Samantha is pleased to direct you towards which is a USA-based, award-winning luxury tour operator that specialises in luxury tours to to destinations around the world. Including of course Samantha’s beloved Africa.

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