Puppy and Dog Care: Training & Care Guide

January 27, 2012 in Books, Non Fiction, Pets and Animals

Puppy and Dog Care This new dog care manual, lovingly written by a highly qualified dog trainer and lifelong owner of dogs, provides answers to many of the puzzling and sometimes worrying things that crop up as both owner and dog try to cope with what life throws at them.

From puppyhood to old age, it takes you on a delightful journey as you gain a better understanding of how your dog views life . . . and you.

Divided into thirty-seven chapters packed with advice, tips and reassuring information including a glossary of over sixty technical terms, this is an invaluable dog care manual for all puppy and dog owners.

This book describes in great detail how to go about finding the best puppy for you, then the best techniques on how to train and care for him through his entire life using the very latest information on canine behaviour.

It guides you through the puppy socialisation stages, and helps you understand how dogs learn and how they communicate. Using the techniques described, you will find out the secrets for how to teach your dog to sit, to stay, to come to you, to walk nicely on a lead and how you can prevent problem behaviours arising.

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Book Extracts

Below are a few short paragraphs from various chapters of the book:

“Bad habits and their causes: Apart from a dog that has bad genes or something medically wrong, we are the ones who cause bad habits to develop. We do it unintentionally – through poor training, for example – or unwittingly. The dog can’t be responsible for what he does, but is always the one that suffers the outcomes of his actions.”

“Making the old dog comfortable: Because your old dog spends most of the day sleeping, make sure his bed is warm and well-padded, and keep it out of draughts. An old dog has a hard time adjusting to changes in routine, so don’t move his bed from place to place. Pick a spot where there are people most of the time so that he doesn’t feel lonely and scared”.

“Why you shouldn’t use punishment: One of the reasons we punish our dogs is that there seems to be an epidemic going around of ‘show him who’s boss’ or ‘you have to be the leader of the pack’; and it has been going around for too many years.”

Book Reviews

I have been dipping in and out of this book as the need arises. So far I have not found a question that the author has not answered. I am sure as time goes on I will think of this book in the same way that Delia is to cookery or Stoppard is to infant care. A must have reference on every dog owners’ bookshelf. Written by RIALTO on Amazon

You can see the author’s profile using this link Alexandra Santos

You can also find the illustrator’s profile using this link Billy Barden Artist and Illustrator

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