The eBook Management Jungle

September 27, 2012 in Articles, eBook Management

Managing your eBooks you would think would be a much easier process than managing physical paper books. After all you can download many eBooks in digital format and just save them to a directory – right?

Well no not quite, because contrary to physical books, eBooks come in many different formats and as yet there is no one common standard. Plus Amazon, the biggest eBook distributor on the planet has their own proprietary eBook formatting standard – AZW; which is now in the process of being superseded by the new KF8 standard. The latter being introduced to provide a larger number of formatting options such as text wrapped around images, different colours, tables etc.

Sadly KF8 is not going to be compatible with pre-existing E Ink Display readers as some of the functions available in KF8 simply do not work and the text can be displayed incorrectly. Newer devices such as the Kindle Fire will on the other hand display the older AZW format without a problem. Read the rest of this entry →