Samantha Ford Is Getting Ready to Publish Her Second Novel

August 21, 2013 in Articles, Author Spotlight, eBook publishing

Author of the 5 star rated The Zanzibar Affair – Samantha Ford – has her second, long awaited, novel rapidly approaching its publication date. But she needs some help deciding which cover image has the most appeal. You are invited to participate in a poll to help her decide which cover image she should use for her next book.

The Samantha Ford Cover Image Poll

Voting is now closed and the public have made their choice!

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Setting the Scene to Help You Decide

The book is set in both London and Kenya.  One of the scenes involves a very attractive man standing at the end of a wooden pier overlooking a lake in Africa with his back to a lodge. This is a recurring dream of the heroine and is the reason why there is a lakeside image versus a tented game lodge set amongst dark trees and lit by lamps as the sun is setting.

Question is which provides the most impact visually and which sets the scene in the best way for the book?

You can vote in the poll above by selecting proposal 1 or proposal 2. Then if you want to leave your comments to explain which way you voted and why, you can do that here on this post, on your favourite social media site or both. The choice is yours. Just make sure you join the debate and have some fun in the process.

You can find the Zanzibar Affair here on Amazon