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Paranormal Romance BooksThis supernatural romance, the first in a series from novelist Vivian Mayne, concerns a young man, Fin Milton, who together with his childhood friend, Ellie, appears destined to witness their love affair being blighted by a curse they both carry that was cast in an earlier generation.

Fin has supernatural abilities and has never been able to lead a normal life, initially he  was completely unaware that he was living with the curse or that it was his destiny to be torn away from his lover every ten years.

The paranormal romance tale takes place in Cornwall and London, during modern times, and follows Fin’s quest to remove the curse, assisted by the beautiful and mystically gifted daughter of a local family with a history of criminality and violence.

For lovers of spooky stories and paranormal romance books that resonate even in present day Britain, this is a love story to cherish. A page-turner and one that will ensure you leave the lights on as you sleep.

Soon to follow is Vivian’s second book that continues the story of  Fin and Ellie and their ongoing battle with the paranormal in Cornwall.

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Vivian Mayne – Paranormal Romance Author

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Paranormal Romance AuthorFiona Mayne, a Cornish graphic designer, writes under the pseudonym Vivian Mayne. Born and bred in the South West county of Cornwall, she moved  to London as a young woman and later lived in South Africa, Germany, and Holland. She returned to her home country and the county of Cornwall in 1999 so that she could settle down with her son near her family.

She was inspired by her own personal circumstances involving unrequited love and began work on her  first novel The Curse of Fin Milton a Paranormal Romance Book in 2000. Using many of the experiences  from her own life, she formulated a fictitious world of hidden magic, a spiritual underworld and two families locked in conflict and turmoil over an act of revenge. She used the Kindle Direct publishing platform to self-publish her book in Kindle format during March 2012.

Fiona is now the Art Director for the US magazine Autism Science Digest: The Journal of AutismOne, but that hasn’t stopped her starting her next novel, which will be the  follow up to The Curse of Fin Milton, with the working title of Bloodlines, the new book follows on from the events of the first novel.

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