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April 12, 2015 in Books, Fiction, Science Fiction

Sci Fi BooksThe Fortress is the first in a series of Sci Fi Books brought to you by Daniel Snyder a newly published science fiction author.

It is an amazing science fiction adventure set in modern times. This Sci-Fi space opera has all the ingredients to keep you spellbound and wanting more.

A space invasion with fights to the death, love, humor and intrigue, it will satisfy your quest for either Military Science Fiction or Fantasy.

amazon-buy-buttonAs the title suggests, there is, of course, a huge, magnificent space fortress put in place by an alien culture which has been designed to protect our planet. But will it be the Fortress that saves planet Earth or will it be our resident Hero, Commander Daniel Stone?  A man with not one but two beautiful women competing for his attention while he is simply, just trying to save the world from the merciless Delonian empire. Aliens with only one objective in mind…total universal dominance and annihilation of any species that tries to stand in their way.

They have the technology, the weapons and the ruthlessness to succeed and if planet earth is going to survive they are going to need all the help they can get,  not even nuclear weapons can protect them from the Delonians, so what real chance does Commander Daniel Stone have? Buy the book now and you can find out.

Good luck Dude!

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If this sounds like a science fictionaction-adventure and suspense story you might enjoy, it is available now in Kindle format from Amazon, you can purchase the book and be reading it in a matter of minutes. Use the links below:

Visit Daniel Snyder’s profile page for more information here – Daniel Snyder Science Fiction Author

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Goodreads Review

The Fortress (Win or Die Book 1)The Fortress by Daniel Snyder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Fortress (Win or Die Book 1) by Daniel Snyder
by Daniel Snyder is a brilliant start to an excellent science fiction series of short stories. You are introduced to Commander Daniel Stone, a futuristic warrior, who is assisted by nannite technology to ensure he is practically indestructible and has super fast reflexes. He is armed with a medieval weapon ( a huge sword) that has been specially adapted with new technology for the 25th century and beyond. Together they defend vulnerable worlds and intergalactic races against the terrorists of the Universe. He is adored by two beautiful alien females and is the most honorable man in the Universe. Chances are when you have read the book you will either want to be Commander Daniel Stone or believe that a little part of you already is. And all this for only 99c

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