Jewels of French History Books – The Lauragais Story

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French History BooksThis new History of the strategically and commercially important ‘Land of Cockaigne’, south east of Toulouse, is aimed largely at expats and tourists who have been taught little about French history. Conspiracies, cock-ups and catastrophes mark the 5000 year history of the Lauragais. It was the heartland of Catharism, and the home of Peter Paul Riquet, the pioneering genius behind its ‘Canal du Midi’, an icon of European industrialisation. The area suffered from the attention of the Vandals, the Inquisition and the Gestapo, and has lived it up on the proceeds of wheat, woad and airbuses, to the music of its troubadours.

History of FranceAnimals also make a contribution to proceedings, there is a canine commuter from Montauriol and a hard working donkey from Plaigne. Mischievous imps disturb the antics of their rivals, disrupt wartime supplies of bread and uncouple carriages from their engines. These lighter moments may help readers over the horrors of the thirteenth century anarchy, the truly grizzly putting down of the Cathars during the Albigensian Crusade and the Black Prince’s merciless terrorist raid. Master-Spy William of Nogaret dishonestly removes Popes and tortures Templars. Enjoy and learn from a book where Wilfrid the Hairy meets Cicero and everyone eats Cassoulet.

The Lauragais’ has been at the centre of the action in the South of France from Roman times until present day. This most superb contribution to ‘French History Books’ is meticulously detailed and highly researched, and throws much needed light on the history of the region and France in general. A book to make you cry and laugh out loud in turns.

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Book Extracts

Below are a few short paragraphs from various chapters of the book:

“The Bosnian weaver was indeed odd: he was a pacifist in an age of violence, and his long term objective was suicide. He was a vegetarian, but ate fish in the confident belief that fish do not have sex; he was celibate in an age of love shortly to be celebrated by Troubadours; and in a world where everyone since Roman times had believed in a maximum of one God, he believed in two. This celibate, suicidal, pacifist, fish-eating, vegetarian, ‘dualist’, Bosnian weaver was, according to his enemies, addicted to secret ceremonies in which he kissed cats’ bottoms; for this reason he was called in German a ‘Kattare’ and in the Lauragais a ‘Cathar’.”

“De Montfort’s victories had serious consequences for the Lauragais: towns had been taken, commerce ruined and noble dynasties destroyed or exiled. Hundreds of dispossessed lords were wandering the roads with their families and servants. The conquerors imposed their language and their customs, installing northern Frenchmen in the Lauragais to oversee the vanquished.”

“In November 1942 the Germans occupied the Zone Nono. The young seminarists, still at Carcassonne, watched the German armoured vehicles driving in. The occupation brought oppression, exactions, and executions of hostages – and the anti-Semitic policies approved by the Vichy regime, such as the compulsory wearing of the yellow star by Jews in 1942. ”

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Expat Living in Rural France – Still Barking

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Expat Living in Rural France The second in a two volume series of books on what life is like for an expat, living in a rural part of the South of France. Continuing on from the short story listing of Volume 1, Jonathan Veale adds more meat to the bones of his expat living in France tales. A humorous take on the comings and goings of expats as they visit the Cochon and Sifflet village bar, mixing with the locals, getting embroiled with some local politics and often creating a little bit of a furore themselves. All done for the most part under the watchful eye of the bar’s proprietor who, in an attempt to improve his English, sends regular updates by email to his famous cartoonist friend. A very much tongue in cheek offering of light entertainment and humour.

Volume 2

Like the first volume, the episodes in these books are complete stories in themselves and offer more insights into, amongst other things, property buying in France, dealing with the authorities, and generally getting along without upsetting the locals.

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Expat Living FranceIf you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out volume 1 of the ‘Expat Living in Rural France‘ series. If you like the look of the books, then it would make sense to buy volume 1 first. But of course the choice is entirely yours.

Book Reviews

Another French expat book that I found very entertaining, a very worth while read for the Anglophile. Written by Traveller on Amazon

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