Jersey’s Secret Assassin

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Jersey’s Secret Assassin – an Action, Adventure & Suspense Novel by Eddie Kirkup

A story that starts in Jersey in the Channel Islands and is concluded in Cyprus, another island, but this time in the Mediterranean, a little nearer the maelstrom that is the Middle East. One connection between them is that two brothers each live on one of the islands. The story begins when Richard, living in Jersey, seems to have been the victim of a tragic domestic accident that results in his death. Frank, his brother, knows differently, not only had he been speaking to him shortly before he died but he also knew there was no way his brother would have died under the circumstances described. He may have been two thousand miles away but he knew his brother had been murdered. What he didn’t know: who was the secret assassin that killed him?

Secret Assassin

The Secret AssassinFrank does what only a brother must do, he travels to Jersey to find out for himself the truth of what has happened to his kid brother. One thing for sure is that whoever did this is going to be sorry. Richard may have been a reporter and used to getting his nose where it wasn’t wanted, but Frank was a different character entirely, he had no fear of physical conflict and was very capable of taking care of himself.  Something he was able to demonstrate very soon after his arrival in Jersey; much more effectively than the so called hard-cases of the criminal fraternity expected.

It doesn’t take long for Frank to make a few friends and a lot of enemies. He also realises that there are sinister undertones around his brother’ death and a connection with another, seemingly unrelated, death. He also discovers police corruption at the highest level, criminal activities and a secret plan to disrupt world peace. Problem is, who can he trust, who are the good guys and who are the assassins, criminals and murderers.

The Secret AssassinUnfortunately he finds out who some of the good guys are when they meet their demise trying to help him out. He manages to get out of Jersey before the same can be done to him and takes his story to Interpol. He gets short shrift from the CIA when he offers to help them find the killers. They make it clear that they place him as a rank amateur and advise him in the strongest terms that he should return to Cyprus and keep a low profile, while they and Interpol  deal with what are becoming serious criminal and political threats.

Trouble is Frank doesn’t know the meaning of ‘low profile’, especially when there are still assassins and criminals running around, one of which secretly murdered his brother.

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If this sounds like an action-adventure and suspense story you might enjoy, it is available now in Kindle format from Amazon, you can purchase the book and be reading it in a matter of minutes. Use the links below:


For further information and a book  review, you can visit Amazon where Eddie is already picking up 5 star reviews. Or you can visit Eddie’s Author Page.

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Eddie Kirkup – Action-Adventure & Suspense Thriller Author

March 21, 2012 in

Eddie Kirkup - Action Thriller AuthorEddie Kirkup left the military in 1986 after nearly 25 years of service. He served in the Yemen,  Canada  and of course Europe. During his time in the forces he was awarded several commendations for service to Queen and country.

Years later Eddie was living in Norway, he heard a noise in the post office below his flat and decided to investigate. What he found was a knife wielding burglar set on helping himself to whatever he could find in the post office, which also served as the local bank.

The burglar was about to have what some people might describe as a ‘bad day at the office’.

Eddie took him on and the intruder was soon trussed up like a turkey waiting for Christmas. Tangling with this new author of thriller novels was a grave mistake.

Easy to see then why Eddie has chosen the action-adventure and suspense-thriller genre for his novel writing. His debut novel ‘Jersey’s Secret Assassin’ draws on Eddie’s life’s experiences and the places he has lived since leaving the military. He once worked in Jersey in the finance industry and now lives in Cyprus where he uses the Mediterranean island as the base from which he travels the world and particularly the Far East. Eddie has experienced military conflict first hand and knows what it is like when the bullets start to fly. He will readily admit that many of those memories are not particularly pleasant and a lot of them best forgotten. But it is life’s experiences that make us what we are and Eddie has demonstrated that there is sometimes a need to take on the bad guys, whether that is during military service, scrapping with a real life burglar in Norway or in a fictional action thriller and suspense novel.

Eddie’s Books

A Real Life Action ThrillerJust Rewards for Taking ActionAuthor of Thrillers


These are the news clippings from the time Eddie took on the Norwegian burglar, just one example from his own real life series of action thrillers that demonstrates why he is well qualified to write in the suspense-thriller genre. Hopefully this will be the first of many exciting books from Eddie Kirkup, I know when I read ‘Jersey’s Secret Assassin’ that once I had started I couldn’t put it down and I read it from cover to cover in one day. Always a clear sign that you have got your hands on a book really worth reading.

You can also find Eddie’s author page on Amazon

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