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Robert Durrant - AuthorRobert Durrant is a native of the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK where he still resides and works.

His wide and varied interests include time spent writing fiction novels. A process he says can be both difficult and frustrating, but thankfully, he finds that it is also hugely rewarding. This is the reason that it can now be reported that he has completed his first novel ‘The Wake Crasher’, a slightly humorous look at the darker side of life through the eyes of some young adults struggling to make ends meet at a time when the world is in financial meltdown.

Robert works in a stressful job managing a large turnover and operating to tight schedules, mostly involving large reports and accounts. He understands the need for working to fixed dates having previously been in a career as a police officer. No doubt he has drawn on his current and previous experience to fuel the material for his fiction novels, perhaps witnessing a few events the public would not be privy to.

Robert second novel in the pipeline, a thriller called “The Reluctant Killer” has just been released and takes a look at the life of a man diagnosed as HIV positive who then finds himself in a life threatening hostage situation.

As an author of fiction novels, Robert is off to a great start, so bookmark this page and make sure you don’t miss any of his new releases, especially ‘The Reluctant Killer’ and its sequel. The first of which, as mentioned above,  is now available and you can find out more about it via the link below.

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Chosen (The Chosen Few Trilogy)

March 4, 2012 in Books, Fiction, Supernatural

Chosen by David LeadbeaterA supernatural thriller in which ordinary people become heroes by doing extraordinary things. Men and women unite with Vampires, Witches, and Werewolves to do battle against fearsome Gods as they attempt to avert the impending apocalypse.

Across the world the Chosen Few are sought by agents of the light and the dark. Amidst daring rescues, illicit passion, crazy car chases and war in the streets of Miami, these courageous men, women and supernatural beings come together against all odds to stand against the original Evil at the end of days

‘Chosen’ brings all the elements of both supernatural and thriller novels together to create something new!

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“This was a real page turner, couldn’t put it down! For me it contained everything a good book should, action, suspense and escapism! Throughly enjoyed it!!” Written by T Andrews on Amazon

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