The Voice of the Tiger – Forbidden Love & Animism Amongst Indigenous People

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A War Romance and Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love During the Malayan EmergencyVince Tanner is young and naïve when he decides to join the New Zealand forces as a soldier serving in Malaya around the end of the Malayan Emergency. He enlisted for adventure and a bit of romance, but then he finds a woman that he falls deeply in love with, the relationship is forbidden by the class rules of the military so his forbidden love must be kept a secret while they plan how they can be together in a new life outside of the constraints of military rules.

war romanceEvents overtake the couple and Vince, who is convinced he has lost his true love, falls into a state of despair, drunkenness and lechery. During his duties in the rainforests of Malaya he is separated from his patrol, but in so doing he discovers the loneliness of the jungle, its vast grandeur, the charm of its amazing creatures and the charm of the Orang Asli, the indigenous aboriginal people of the rainforest.

Haunted by strange dreams, Vince finds solace with two completely different women; Amang, who is one of the Orang Asli and Wilhelmina, a plantation owner. It is in the arms of these women that he finally comes to terms with the depth of his love for Audrey, the woman he thinks he has lost for ever.

A War Romance During the Malayan Emergency

The Malayan Emergency although never truly recognised as a war, despite it being exactly that, was where many young men from all over the world found themselves embroiled in a conflict far away from their native homeland. Circumstances where young men seek comfort wherever they can find it. The company of a woman, is one way to find the distraction they need to help them cope with the situations they find themselves in and many a war romance was founded on that basis.

The Voice of the Tiger is an account of one man’s encounter with a very beautiful woman in Malaya during the conflict, but with the difference that his war romance , as he quickly realised, was a meeting of true soul mates, a story of love at first sight and a forbidden love which was blemished by dreadful events that threatened to keep the lovers apart forever.

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Animism & Indigenous People

Vince found the indigenous peoples of the Malayan peninsula, entered into their world of animism and ultimately found an aboriginal man ‘Abu’ who was prepared to risk his very soul to help him regain his lost love.

With direction from a man’s spirit in a tiger’s form and using the strength of animism will Vince find redemption? Can he save the woman he loves from the gates of hades itself?

Aboriginal stories are not often told with such understanding and clarity, the genre for this book may be fiction, but the story sticks as closely as possible to the reality of the times. This is as close a reference as it can be to the indigenous peoples of Malaya, their aboriginal origins and the culture of the race as they lived their lives in Malaya at the end of the Malayan Emergency.

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Extracts from the Book

“Five platoon returned. Their basha filled with uproar, odours of sweat, gun oil and soiled gear. The thatch thrummed to laughter and ribaldry as they sorted equipment, returned ammunition to the armoury, cleaned and returned weapons to the arms-cote and generally disrupted the peace. Everyone was friendly enough; some like Barry were clearly delighted to see him. Yet he felt isolated. Time and events since he had last seen them had made them almost strangers.”

“Gingerly, wary of snakes and scorpions and with minimal use of his torch, he filled the water bag and boiled water for tea. Cold rations would do, but he needed the comfort of hot sweet tea. A yellow crescent hung above the treetops. Guided by its feeble light, he circled his camp to see if any light from the little stove, showed between the rocks. None: he blessed his good fortune in finding such a campsite before full darkness descended.
After a meal of cold corned beef and biscuit he took his mug of tea and felt his way to sit, rifle across his knees, and stare at the reflections. The stream whispered and chuckled its way across its stony bed and around the standing stones. Guiltily, he clasped the tea mug and wondered at the enormity of what he had done. He had gone wilfully missing: he was a deserter.”

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The Voice of the Tiger, A War Romance During the Malayan EmergencyThe Voice of the Tiger, A War Romance During the Malayan Emergency by Markham Turner

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