Tuscan Cats get into Mischief

February 18, 2013 in Books, Childrens Illustrated Books, Fiction, Pets and Animals

Italian Cats Making MischiefThe Naughty Italian Cats Go on Holiday

This is the second in the series of popular childrens books by Laura Graham describing the adventures of the dancing, talking cats from Tuscany. The cats take charge as they spend a mischievous holiday in the sun at the country residence of their English mama and Italian babbo (Italian for father). But now there is a new usurper on the scene in the form of Spiritino, a tom cat from the local farm and a very attractive ‘Tom’ as far as Julie is concerned.

Talking Cats From TuscanySpiritino is no stranger to naughty behaviour himself and he sets himself the task of getting to know Rosetta and Julie a little better. Romantic cats, it could only happen in Italy, like a bit of adventure and before you know it all three cats are getting into all sorts of trouble, there is definitely a scent of amore in the air. But which of the girls gets the guy?

Julie is besotted with Spiritino, but Rosetta is not at all seduced by a common farm cat. Still Spiritino is not put off, he gets to know Julie and Rosetta a little better then introduces the ladies to a little wine and teaches them how to celebrate in a country style. So will a little merry making and a few well placed compliments change a girls mind, can Spiritino turn the girl’s heads and convince them that a life in the country may be just what they are looking for.

It goes without saying that these tales of cats misbehaving and the  games they play will have an appeal to all cat lovers. So can you resist the urge to find out what the outcome is? The cats in the eyes of their adoring owners can do no wrong, so how do they deal with the amorous advances of Spiritino? You will need to read the book to find out and I am willing to bet that even if you buy the book for one of your children, you will be the one that finds it very hard to put down!

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Eagerly awaited by me and my 8 year old granddaughter is Laura Graham’s further adventures of the marvelous speaking Tuscan cats! Now Spiritino enters the story and romance comes with him. Rosalbo’s charming illustrations enhance the characters of the cats, although they appear almost human with such clever linguistic skills too. Laura takes one into a magical world – but beware – once you start reading this glorious book you’ll find it impossible to put down!  – reference Francesca from amazon.co.uk

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The Author

To find out more about Laura Graham, how to follow her and a little more about her life you can visit her author page – Laura Graham Children’s Author and Expat Writer An interesting lady who has managed to change her career from that of being a successful actress to one as a successful writer.

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Tuscan Cats Get Into Mischief (The Dancing, Talking Cats)Tuscan Cats Get Into Mischief by Laura Graham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A slightly more adult theme to this second in the series. Still a lovely book for children but with the introduction of Spiritino, the drinking of wine and amorous intentions, the appeal to adult lovers of cats definitely goes up a notch or two.

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