Becoming a Published Author With eBookIssues

If your book is well-written, clearly focused on a set readership, and you own the rights . . . we will welcome your book as an addition to our lists.
We are interested in both fiction and non-fiction and will consider everything except literature of an explicitly sexual kind (pornography) and content that is either libellous or likely to cause offence.
Thrillers, romantic tales, short stories, anthologies of poetry, autobiographies and memoirs, detective stories, travel books, fantasy, textbooks, books for adults and aspiring adults (teenagers!) and, of course, books for children – you write it, we’ll have a look, and if we like it, we will tell you.

eBook Publishing

Have You Written It Yet?

We only seek submissions from authors who have completed drafts to show us. By all means get in touch if you are planning a book, or in the process of completing one, but any support offered would be of a general nature at that stage . . . and offered without charge.

We Publish Ebooks

At eBookIssues our priority is to market ebooks on behalf of our authors. We can advise on publishing print versions – at trade prices – but in our experience this is rarely a prudent route to take, unless you need a set number of copies to meet a known demand. Ebook publishing is excellent value for first-time writers. Income from sales can begin in days, to set against a much lower initial investment.

We Encourage Our Writers To Submit To Major Publishing Houses

Bestselling ebooks on our list may well attract the interest of a traditional publisher and we encourage all our writers to seek deals for print versions of their books. Our agreements include a get out clause permitting reversion of the digital rights to the writer when a publishing deal is about to be concluded.

The Process

You contact us by email – one of our editors will email you within hours

You explain what your writing project is all about – we indicate whether we can assist

You send us a one-page synopsis of your book, plus the first thousand words

We report back, indicating what we can do, when, and what we need from you

Once we agree to publish, and you have selected the royalty route that suits we:

  • convert your word-processed file to formats acceptable to Amazon
  • convert your graphics to prepare a ‘cover’ for the Kindle store listing
  • create two unique pages on our website devoted to you and your book/books
  • write two summaries for listing on Amazon, about you, and your book
  • prepare a pdf file of the book which you can send to family and reviewers
  • create a listing on the Amazon Kindle Store in the correct categories
  • add keywords and tags to the listing to aid Search Engine Optimisation
  • list your new ebook on the front page of our website as a new release
  • subsequently we list the same book as a recent release
  • report to you quarterly for sales made, and earnings received

Together We Then Seek To Promote Your eBook

Self-promotion can often be tacky, and many writers dislike blowing their own trumpet. As an eBookIssues author our website will do the trumpeting for you! But writers who can find ways of drumming up business for their ebooks will also be helped. We are constantly on the lookout for novel ways of increasing sales.

If you have already done most of the above but you are struggling to get any sales, we can offer an analysis service for a fixed price. We will research the keywords that will help people find your book both on Amazon and via the search engines, then provide you with a written report. If you wish to include your author profile and a book page on our site then, for the right people, we can also look into creating the pages/posts in line with the format you will find already listed on our site. All you need to do is get in touch to discuss this option.

In Conclusion

We hope we have explained clearly how we help new writers become ebook authors and help promote their books.

But all this general information is purely background music until a writer gets in touch with us.

When you feel ready to enquire further, use the ‘contact us’ link on any page of this website, or use the form below now. An editor will be in touch within hours.

Getting Published Has Never Been Easier.

Comments or questions for our editors and technical support are welcome.

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